The Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has decided to megabeursgang of staatsoliebedrijf Saudi Aramco to continue to do so. It is expected that the step on Sunday will be announced. It reports news agency Bloomberg, on the basis of the lay public.

the World is already a very, very long time to be on the megabeursgang been waiting for. Previously, everyone thought that the Saudi’s step in the previous month, though it would come. But then there came suddenly the news that the announcement has been delayed. That was, reportedly, have to do with the droneaanval in some of the Saudi oil installations in the end of september. Concerns among investors about the consequences of this had to be dealt with.

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Bin Salman believes that there is sufficient support from local investors for its initial public offering. That leaning is expected to be strong, to have money in their own country.
From the initial public offering brings in Aramco likely to have an interest of between 1 and 2 per cent of the stock in the Saudi capital, Riaad, and later on an international stock exchange listing, to add.

in Addition, the company is valued at about 1,500 billion to 2,000 billion dollars, of which the company directly for the most valuable publicly traded company in the world.