Weird to see An American college student, who last Friday should have been involved in a car accident, the emergency workers on the ground were almost out of their skins to do, jump from the shock. The young woman was still in her Halloweenkostuum, and that it was just a terribly bloody one. Fortunately, it turned out, the young lady safe and sound.

Sidney Wolfe of South Point, Ohio was on Friday, at home, on the road, after a Halloweenevenement, when all of a sudden, a deer on the runway ran out. The student was able to have a collision, not avoid it. Apart from just a bruise to her leg, she fortunately was not hurt.

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There the thought of the nearby witnesses and the emergency services is no longer the case when they saw her sitting behind the steering wheel. The young woman was dressed as Stephen King’s character of ‘Carrie’, and wore it as a reference to the iconic horrorscène, a tiara, and a white balkleed fully covered under the false-blood.

“If someone wants to know how my weekend was, and I’ve had my car in the practical driving-while-I dressed up as Him, and they all thought I was dead. Hahaha, I’m so sorry”, wrote the Sydney Sunday on Twitter with a photo of one of her scary appearance. They lay still that night, Carrie The Musical, ” had been promoted to a haunted house. The tweet is still in more.