The conflict in dubăsari: how the war in Transnistria

Another 24/12/19 dniester.iconflict the Champions: how the war began in Transnistria

In the 90 years due to the growth of national contradictions, the situation in the Soviet republics deteriorated. The former fraternal peoples against each other, and often the confrontation ended in bloodshed. Not an exception and Moldova, and the most significant conflict occurred in the Transnistrian city of Dubasari.
In 1989, the Moldovan nationalist has managed to create in the Republic a mono-ethnic government which began a policy of oppression of the Russian and Ukrainian population. In the Republic became fashionable slogans: “Moldova — for the Moldavians” and “Russian — beyond the Dniester, Jews into the Dniester” the nationalists advocated the future joining of Romania, although Russians and Ukrainians together made up 27% of the population.

the Last straw was the presentation of the language of the bill prepared by the Union of writers of Moldova. According to the document parents could not choose what language to study their children, and not the use of Moldovan language in official communication punishable by administrative and criminal penalties.
the response was the announcement on 2 September 1990 the Transnistrian Republic in the USSR, which entered the territory of Grigoriopol, Dubossary, Rybnitsa, Slobodzeya areas, and the towns of Bendery, Dubossary, Rybnitsa and Tiraspol. In those areas with a predominantly Russian and Ukrainian population was concentrated most of the industry of the Republic, but already in December of the same year, Gorbachev ordered to dissolve the newly-formed Republic.

Working against the police

dubăsari is located in the centre of a narrow strip of the territory of the Transnistrian and Moldovan security forces decided to capture the city that would split the Republic into two separate parts. Residents learned about the plans of the government, formed self-defense squads. November 2, 1990, the Moldovan specnas under the command of the chief of the Chisinau police Virlana and groups of volunteers-nationalists moved in the direction of Dubossary. At 13.00 they were stopped at a bridge, which was guarded by retainers. Having received reinforcements from 140 cadets of the police College, security forces, using gas Cherry and rubber batons, in the course of a 30 minute fight broke through the defense.

the Police began to move into the neighborhood Lunga however, they came out to meet a crowd of citizens numbering no less than 3 thousand. While Moldovans stormed the bridge, the Champions earned a siren and working the city’s factories began to gather near their businesses, where their on the bus ride to the breakthrough. The Minister of internal Affairs of Moldova ion Costas, learning about the scale of the resistance, ordered to organize at the entrances to the city CAT and to send additional forces. At 15.00 the workers ‘ militia with pointed sticks and stones stopped the breakthrough of forces from the neighborhood a Large Fountain. During a street fight, shots were fired – three civilians were shot dead, 16 injured, 9 of them with gunshot wounds. These were the first victims of the war in Transnistria.

the Evening of November 2, the Moldovan police retreated and 19.00 in the special forces guarding the checkpoint between the Dubasari town and village of Red Vineyard, was dispersed by local residents. The situation escalated and two hours later, the Moldovan security forces without orders, retreated beyond the Dniester for fear to get into the environment. Before that, they received news that dubosaru left residents of the village of Dzerzhinskoye.
three days after the defense of the city Transdnestr asked to judge the police officers involved in the storming. To attract the attention of Moscow, a group of Dubossary women went on hunger strike, but the Central government ignored the citizens. In consequence of Moldovans twice in September and December 1991, tried unsuccessfully to seize Dubossary. During the Transnistrian conflict, the city became one of the most “hot” places of armed clashes.

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