Vasily Sukhov: what was in the Gulag, the hero of

Heroes 23/12/19 frame of primaverili Sukhov: what was in the Gulag, the hero of “White sun of the desert”

About Fyodor Ivanovich Sukhov know almost everything – and not just those who happened to live in Soviet times. The main character of the legendary film “White sun of the desert” became one of the most beloved characters in the history of Russian cinema. The role — the actor Anatoly Kuznetsov, admitted: “because of this picture I lost my real name! All began to call me “comrade Sukhov”. In Astrakhan and Volgograd there are streets named in honor of the famous red army, and in Samara and Donetsk, it was monuments.

Despite this fame and national recognition, most fans don’t know who was the prototype of the main character and how hard was his fate.

Who is Vasily Sukhov

Vasily Kuzmich Sukhov – Kuban Cossack, became the prototype of the famous red army film. He began military service in the tsarist army, and then fought against the whites on the Taman Peninsula, where he met the corps commander Epiphany Kim, with whom they struck up a friendship.

Sukhov became the commander of the corps envoys for particularly important cases, was with him the war on the Taman, in the Caucasus and ended up in Central Asia. Here the detachment fought with the robber bands, when Basil met his future wife, who served as a nurse. In 1923 the couple was born the first son of Constantine. He later played an important role in restoring the reputation and name of his father.

Sukhov has recorded all noteworthy events of those years and described their campaigns and battles, and restored them from memory in time of peace. As a result, his diaries could fit in two thick notebooks. They sparked the interest of the writer Alexander Serafimovich, whom the red army had a chance to meet in 1927. The writer encouraged him to publish these military records on equal rights and got consent. But fate, unfortunately, was preparing Sukhov quite another.

Prison camps

In 1929, when Vasily Sukhov worked as a caretaker at the College of Novocherkassk, he was first condemned, and, for some minor violations at work. The first time it was 4 months. When he returned to work at the warehouse started a inspection, during which were discovered to be missing 6 kilos of caustic soda, used in washing dishes and the floor. For it in 1932 Sukhova sent to the camps for 10 years!

it is Noteworthy that soon after the arrest of the soldier, his novel of Alexander Serafimovich called “the Iron flood.” According to Sukhov son, Constantine, in the framework of the novel has lain record of his father. In the novel there is not a word, but there is a hero with the name Casing (an obvious prototype of the corps commander Kim). Konstantin said: “I do Not want to slander Serafimovicha, but I think that he was involved in the arrest of his father – apparently, wanted a way to freely publish his work”.

Soon after the events described Sukhova wife died and his sons took to his cousin. From the end of 1942, the eldest son of Constantine became a famous pilot Alexander Pokryshkin’s regiment, with whom he made more than 200 sorties. And in 1944, with his help, the division counts a master at arms settled and his father, whom he had met at the front. He told Constantine that was supposed to be released in 1941. Learning that the war began, Sukhov filed a request to forward it to the front, and received not only a failure, but still 2 years in prison for violation of discipline.

But after the war the red army was waiting for a new test. After demobilization he for some time lived in Novocherkassk, and then decided to move to the Kuban. There he gathered a team together which made brooms and put them on all the farms in the area. In the near future for illegal labour activity of the brigade was disbanded, and Sukhov, who was its founder, exiled to the settlement in KAZakhstan.

the return of the hero

links Sukhov returned only in 1960. Just then, the train on the way to the son he met screenwriter Rustam Ibragimbekov spoke with him all the way and told about his adventures during the civil war. Later history Sukhova will form the basis for the cult film, but the writer in any interview won’t say a word about this fateful meeting.

And after only seven years Sukhov did not. His son Constantine, after my father died I decided to restore the good name of the army, and forever erase the stigma of an enemy nation. He made a request to the Commission for the rehabilitation of the Central Committee of the Communist party and soon received a reply that Vasily Sukhov “innocent and was fully rehabilitated”. In 1970, on the big screen in Moscow took place the premiere of the film “White sun of the desert”, which is the prototype of the hero, alas, had no time to see it.

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