The children of the leaders of the Third Reich: what happened to them after the war

History 22/01/20 the children of the leaders of the Third Reich: what happened to them after the war

From the top of Nazi Germany, only Adolf Hitler had not started a family. The rest of the Third Reich bosses had wives and children after the war whose fate has developed differently. Some of them believed their parents murderers and villains, while others tried to find excuses to their crimes.

Children of Martin Bormann

In 1929, the future of Hitler’s personal Secretary, Martin Bormann married Gerda Buch, in marriage, with whom he had 9 children. After the death of Martin Bormann may 2, 1945, his wife moved the family to Italy, where, on 25 April 1946 died of cancer. Orphans specifically distributed to different orphanages where they were raised to adulthood. The most famous was Martin Adolf Bormann, who received his second name after his godfather Hitler.

growing up, he officially refused the name of the führer, and feeling the burden of responsibility for the sins of the parent, in 1958, became a Catholic priest. In an interview with Russian reporters, the son of one of the main criminals of the twentieth century said, “every day I pray for the souls of millions who died through the fault of my dad, Jews, Russian, poles.” In 1961 Martin Bormann went to Africa as a missionary. There he was three times abducted and almost killed. Remembering the suffering, the priest Borman said that it was the Lord’s punishment for the crimes of the father.

the Children of Goebbels

may 1, 1945, the chief of the Reich propagandist Joseph Goebbels and his wife Magda poisoned their six young children, putting them in the mouth a crushed ampoule of cyanide. They then committed suicide. Survived Goebbels stepson Harald Quandt, who was the son from Magda’s first marriage. The guy lived in the family of Joseph Goebbels during the Second world war he served as a pilot in the Luftwaffe, and after being wounded in 1944, was a prisoner of the allies.

Laste war began rebuilding the business of his biological father Gunther Quandt, who was an industrialist. In the mid 50-ies of XX century Harald became one of the richest men in West Germany. Engaged in the manufacture of automobiles and industrial machines. Until the end of life refused to comment on the lives of their parents. After marrying the daughter of quanta Colleen-Bettina adopted Orthodox Judaism.

the Children of Goering, Himmler and Hess

At the head of the Nazi Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering was the daughter Edda. After the war she graduated from the University of Munich and married a journalist Gerda Heydemann, which was dedicated to her father the book. Officially Edda is not justified Goering, but actively communicated with representatives of right-wing circles, which met in the house of Wagner. Friends of the family of the Edda were former generals of the SS, Karl Wolff and Wilhelm Mohnke. In an interview the woman said: “I really loved my father, and it was evident how much he loved me. All my memories of him are filled with love, and I don’t perceive it that way.”

the head of the SS Heinrich Himmler raised four children, of whom the most famous was the eldest daughter, Gudrun. At the time of her father’s death she was 16 years old, and she and her mother were in the camp. Life Gudrun proud father and refused to change the name. In 1952 he founded the children’s organization, the Viking Jugend, which the structure and purposes resembled the Hitler youth. In the 1960s Gudrun married the writer and neo-Nazi wolf Buriza. Was the Creator of the charitable organization “Silent help”, which sought funds for the needs of former prisoners of war and helped the officers of the Reich and members of the Nazi party to move to South Africa. He died in may of 2018, after which it became known that Gudrun Burwitz served in intelligence in Germany. The rest of your life wanted to write a book about Himmler, in which I wanted to write the truth about slander, in her opinion, father.

Another supporter of his father became a wolf Hess, whose godfather was Adolf Hitler. Wolf worked as an architect and napical several books about his father Rudolf Hesse, who was considered a peacemaker and a supporter of the Union of the German and British empires. The writer believed that the father’s suicide faked, and in fact he was killed by agents of British intelligence. Thus the British sought to conceal the true causes of the flight of Hess to Scotland in 1941.

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