Everyone dreams of landing the big Bingo Jackpot and for the lucky few they actually do! In this article we are going to take a look at some of the biggest life-changing wins that people have landed. And you never know, at your next game of Barbados Bingo this could be you!

Lisa Potter

Lisa Potter bagged the £1.3 Million Jackpot back in 2012! It was during the time that the Euro Championships were on and her husband was busy watching the TV. It was then Lisa decided that she would take herself off for a couple of games of online Bingo, she placed a £5 bet and landed the Jackpot! Lisa has a family and three children and this was an absolutely life-changing event for them. She spoke to The Mirror at the time and said that her family screamed in delight when they heard the news! So what have they done with the money so far? Well, they bought a fancy car, a new house and they went on a luxury holiday!

Soraya Lowell

This lucky lady bagged the £1.2 Million Jackpot back in 2008. She had previously worked as a cleaner but this freed her up to do whatever she wanted! She was very generous and shared the money with her Bingo partner who had been quite ill and this allowed her husband to have an early retirement. This story is not as happy as the previous one, as her Bingo partner passed away soon after, Soraya and her husband divorced and she filed for bankruptcy in 2012. This just goes to show how important managing your money is during the gambling as well as after.

John Orchard

John Orchard’s winnings are the biggest that we have on this list, as back in 2012 he bagged the £5.9 Million Jackpot! Prior to winning John was working in a job centre and helping people to find work. One day John decided to play a game of online Bingo and he bet just 30p and the rest is history! So what did he do with the money? Well, he went on a luxury holiday with his family to Center Parcs, bought lots of nice presents and bought a fancy car! The money freed him up and he was able to retire early and buy a new house with his wife.

Georgios M

This man won the £5.1 Million Jackpot back in 2009! This story is kept relatively private as Georgios M has shunned the limelight, but we hope that he has done exciting things with his winnings and that he’s taking care of his money!

Christine Bradfield

In 2008 Christine Bradfield won the £1.1 Million Jackpot! She proved how down to earth she was, as she continued to work her part-time job in a garage, as well as share out some of her winnings with her friends. She has made sure that the win hasn’t changed her or her attitude to money and we respect that.