In bruges, The police and the fire brigade of Bruges, have a sat night with a large-scale search operation was held to be a member of the crew of a ship that may have been in the water and ended up in the Scheepsdalebrug. After an hour of searching it seemed the panic, however, is redundant … and got the ‘missing man’ tells me to return to the ship. His explanation for this? “I was just having a break room on the job.”

It was the captain who is at around 21.20, the emergency services are alarmed. The man was a member of the crew to smoke on the deck of the ship. When he came back from the bathroom, his companion suddenly disappeared without a trace. Especially since his cell phone is still just lay, wrapped the captain in a state of panic. With the massive amount of police, and the fire started right away with a big search because the complainant suspected that his co-worker in the water had been up to no good. A dive team went into the water to search, and the various patrols by police, looked through the side of the road. An ambulance stood at the ready in the event that a person might put on it. After an hour’s search, could the search finally abandoned it. The ‘missing’ member of the crew got back to the boat, and said that he would come for a while and was going to make.