Formula 1 in The last few races it was Ferrari time and time again to be correct for the team. The Italian renstal was, by far, the fastest speed, but this was a week-end in the United States of america, suddenly, nothing anymore. Coincidentally, after the Red Bull and the FIA had been asked to clarify the technical regulations with regard to the fuel supply cut-off. Ferrari refers to the views of Stumbling “is bad for the sport”.

There has been for weeks, it has been suggested that Ferrari was faster, had a little trick with the fuel pump, which, however, never been proven. Red Bull asked if such a thing is legal, and the FIA responded by saying that this is not the case at all. A potential back door in the law and is, therefore, a poem, and a Ferrari would, therefore, not be allowed to create, if that is in fact the secret have been great.

Max Verstappen and saw that the speed of a Ferrari, suddenly disappeared and did not come there for the camera At the Sport caught on. “That’s what you get when you stop cheating”, said the Dutchman. “There is now a good to look at, and that we have now, so it’s good to keep an eye on.”