Thandiwe wept while discussing colorism within the film industry.

The 49 year-old actress spoke recently to the Associated Press regarding her film ” God’s Country“, in which she plays a grieving woman confronting a pair hunters on her property.

Newton has been praised for her role in the examination of, amongst other things, her race.

She explained to the outlet that she now understands that her internalized prejudice prevented me from feeling confident in my ability to play the role. It doesn’t matter if it comes from African American women more than any other – it doesn’t matter. “I was subject to prejudice.”

She stated that anyone who has ever experienced prejudice can relate to Sandra’s character.

“I have wanted to so badly apologize to dark-skinned actresses every day, to say I’m sorry, my momma looks just like you”” , she said, as she got emotional and covered her face with her hand.
Nyasha Newton is Newton’s mother, and she is a member of a noble Shona family in 
The actress continued, “It’s been very difficult to have women who look like my mom feel that I’m not representing them. That I’m taking away their men, their work, their truth.” She cried with her eyes. “But, I believe that any woman of color – regardless of their skin color – who has helped other actors get into the business, we matter.”

Newton said, “Whenever they claim that Black women have seen the movie and it really, really, truly matters to them, I just want to thank God that that didn’t happen to me.” It didn’t cause any more pain.

Newton, who was previously known as Thandie, , reclaimed her original spelling of her name after dropping the “W”, when she was at school, in an effort to reduce discrimination against her, a young Black girl.
“That’s what I call myself. It’s my name since forever,” she 
stated during a British Vogue interview. “I’m taking back the things that are mine.”
In the Shona language of Zimbabwe, “beloved”, this name refers to that.
The actress is known for her portrayal of strong Black women in television and genre films, thanks to her roles as ” 
Westworld“, and ” Solo : A Star Wars Story” in recent years.