In 2021, Summer Walker and London On Da Track ended their relationship. Their relationship ended but the drama did not. They began to fight on social media about parenting their child together and the credits for Summer’s second solo album, “Still Over It,” in November that year.
Things have been looking up for the “Ex For a Reason” singer as she allegedly has moved on with 
Larry. Summer shared photos of her latest haircut to show that some fans aren’t so sure. Why are her fans so concerned about what she did to her hair? Continue scrolling to learn more.

Summer Walker is almost bald after getting a new haircut.

Summer shared a now-deleted collection of photos showing her new look on her Instagram burner account @glctawhre. In the caption, she wrote that “Legit wanted this haircut my entire life.”

The photos show her hair almost completely shaved, with the exception of a few bits. Her ponytail is all that remains of her hair, which grows out of the top of her head.

Many of her fans were shocked by her new ‘do. One user commented on her post, “Ima just keep mine mouth shut,” Another user commented, “Girl WTF.”

The conversation was ongoing on Twitter. Some of her fans even gave her the meme treatment. One tweet compared her hair to Zuko’s in Avatar The Last Airbender.
Some thought she looked like Will Smith’s 2019 remake of Aladdin.

Summer’s hairstyle was compared to Britney’s 2007 transformation, according to fans.

Britney shaved the top of her head in that year, which was a turbulent time in her life. After her divorce from Kevin Federline, she was suffering with mental health issues as the paparazzi bombarded every place she went. According to People, she went to rehab in February 2007 for one day and was discharged the next morning.

After she had finished rehab, she visited Kevin and asked him to take her to meet their sons. Britney refused to go to rehab and drove to a local hair salon to request that the hairdresser shave her hair. The hairdresser tried to convince Britney to not do it, as seen in the 2019 documentary Britney Sppears: Breaking Point. After the hairdresser had turned Britney’s back for a second time, she took the scissors and cut her own hair.

Britney later went to a tattoo parlor, and began confiding her feelings in Emily Wynee Hughes, a tattoo artist.

“I noticed that her hair was gone. “I remember asking her why she shaved her head. Emily spoke in the documentary. It was, you know. “I don’t want anyone, anybody touching me. I don’t want anyone touching me hair. She recalled her mother of two telling them that she was sick of having people touch my hair.

Summer Walker might have a lot of things on her plate, but there is no evidence to support the claim that she shaved off her head to cope with difficult times.

While many people laughed at Summer’s new look, some remained loyal. One fan commented on a post shared by The Jasmine Brand on Instagram. “If she likes it, it’s my favorite look,” she wrote. Another fan said, “While it’s not for me, I appreciate her authenticity to me.”