The Berlin police still cannot explain why they could not protect the mother of six from Afghanistan, who was probably stabbed to death by her husband. However, statements by police chief Barbara Slowik indicate that mistakes were made. Disciplinary measures had been initiated within the police, Slowik said on Monday in the Interior Committee of the House of Representatives. More will be checked. Slowik didn’t want to be more specific because the investigation was still ongoing.

The 31-year-old was killed in Berlin-Pankow at the end of April. Her 42-year-old husband, from whom she had separated, is in custody as a suspected perpetrator. Slowik said the woman first reported her husband to the police two months before the crime.

She then sought help from the security guards at the refugee home. The police took up two more reports against the man over the next few weeks and he was banned from the house. The police also contacted the youth welfare office and social services. After the crime, there was sharp criticism that the police and other authorities did not react properly and did not take the family to a women’s shelter or protect them in any other way.