A victim advice center in the capital registered 731 cases of threats, insults and attacks against gay men, transsexuals and lesbian women last year. This was announced by the gay anti-violence project Maneo on Monday. Most of the time it was about threats and coercion (36 percent), physical harm (30 percent) and insults (28 percent).

A large proportion of the reported cases were directed against gay or bisexual men. Most cases were reported from Schöneberg, followed by Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Tiergarten. These are the parts of the city where the gay and lesbian scene is most visible and where most of the nightlife takes place.

Of these 731 clues, only 321 cases could be evaluated more precisely, Maneo said. Unfortunately, the police were unable to provide any additional information about the crimes because the public prosecutor’s data protection officer had concerns. Victims’ advice centers had previously complained about anti-Semitism and racist acts. Maneo demanded: “The statistical exchange of anonymous key information between Maneo and the police must be resumed immediately.”

Maneo found that 413 clues lacked more detailed information about the time, location and events of the crime. In the past, such information was compared with the reports received by the police. Therefore, the numbers from 2021 could not be clearly classified as an increase or decrease. In addition, most of the crimes would not even be known. “In our estimation, the dark field is 80-90 percent.”

Victim counseling also gave some examples of deeds:- A transgender woman was insulted several times by a woman on a bus in Treptow in January 2021, then she was spat in the face.- A gay man was insulted several times at a gas station in Kreuzberg in June 2021 and threatened with a head-down gesture.- After the CSD, a young tourist with a rainbow flag was attacked from behind by a man, kicked and punched in the face. He suffered a triple fracture of his jaw and was taken to a hospital.