This news comes after Cosby didn’t appear at the Bravo Show’s Season 2 Reunion Episode taping.

Fox News Digital has confirmed that ” Real Housewives Salt Lake City” star Mary Cosby won’t be part of Season Three’s filming.

This news comes after Cosby didn’t appear at the January taping of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”, Season Two reunion episode. Cosby claimed she did not attend the taping because it was “one-sided.”

Cosby, however, is disputing claims she “exited” after only two seasons.

“This Story is False!” This is a complete fabrication’ A Complete lie!’ I have never spoken to anyone! she posted to Twitter in response a headline that said “JUST IN: Mary Cosby leaves ‘Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” after two seasons.

Fox News Digital reached out to Cosby for clarification but a representative did not respond immediately.

Recently, Cosby was criticized for making racist remarks on Bravo.

In an episode last month Jennie Nguyen talked with her husband Duy Nguyen about Cosby’s earlier comment at lunch about Nguyen having “slanted eyes”. Nguyen said that the comment made by Cosby left her feeling “very mad” and “frustrated.”

According to People magazine, Jennie stated that it was insulting to Asian culture to refer to me like that and that it came across as racist in a confession interview. It’s shocking because Mary should have more education and be able to understand that it’s inappropriate to make such comments.

Nguyen was also at the center controversy following a series of controversial social media posts that were resurfaced last week, many of which were deemed racist. Nguyen was fired from the reality TV show after she apologized and said that she wasn’t racist.

During this time, viewers of ” Real Housewives of Salt Lake City ” expressed their disgust at Cosby’s tweets on Twitter. One person said that it was time for Cosby to “go.”
A viewer said that Mary Cosby was racist in “Mary Cosby’s Nearly Every Episode.” She also stated that she has not learned anything, because she doesn’t see any problem with what she thinks and says. You are not playing on the right team if you defend her. It’s time to let her go.