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the Soviet fighters of the great Patriotic war played an important role in the victory of the Soviet army. Red nose — one of the distinctive features of these aircraft that have special significance.

the Value of distinctive colors

With the Soviet fighters of the second world war involves a lot of names of Russian pilots. One of them is Ivan Kozhedub. In the last years of the war he flew on the aircraft “La-7”, which had the nose red. Such detail meant that the plane belongs to a squadron, namely the best azovskom shelves. Thus the enemy, seeing the fighter with a red nose, took the decision to join the battle or withdrawal. About Ivan Kozhedub said: “remember that the Germans saw at least two of our aircraft entered into battle. Always ran away. And we caught up with them and destroyed”.
similarly stained noses aircraft and German pilots during the bombing of London in 1940. As a result, sometimes there is a confusion of the Soviet and German fighters. For example, in the book “Soviet aces” writer Nicholas Bodryagina given the situation in which Ivan Kozhedub in the last year of the war drove away from the American plane German pilots, and then was attacked by the Americans and was forced to return fire. After that, the surviving American pilot explained the situation that took Soviet fighter over German aircraft “Focke-Wulf” with a red nose color. Therefore, the staining of Coca and nose red masked advanced Soviet equipment and knocked down the enemy confused.

Some aircraft had red nose

Bombers and attack aircraft are not always faced with the fighters very close. The first flew at high altitude, dropping bombs, and the second always involved in the battle escorted by fighters. So it’s better to do the red nose the Soviet istrebitelthe pits.
One of the best aircraft in the great Patriotic war was the “Yak-7”. On this model flew Alexander Pokryshkin, Amet-Khan Sultan and other pilots. This technique often had a red nose that stained the pilots themselves, creating a similarity with the enemy machines “Focke-Wulf”, the Messerschmitt Bf.110 and others. From afar was subtle differences in the fuselage and wings, which gave the chance to the Soviet pilots for a surprise attack.
“La-7” were also involved in the fighting. They were often piloted by experienced people and therefore there were occasions when the newcomers on the German plane, saw the red nose of the enemy, tried to walk away from a fight.
In the Northern part of the front was dominated by the “Hurricane”, having a sharp nose is red. These machines, as stated in the book by S. Ivanov, “Soviet aces of fighters”, took part in the counteroffensive of the Soviet troops near Moscow.

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