As the Chechens belonged to the Ukrainian mercenaries in the First Chechen

History 02/02/20 As the Chechens belonged to the Ukrainian mercenaries in the First Chechen

Russian soldiers called these mercenaries “bacon in the trenches”, and preferred to take no prisoners as the Russians who fought on the side of Chechen armed groups. “Ichkerians” such “soldiers of fortune” was perceived ambiguously.

How many

Press Secretary of Dzhokhar Dudayev Movladi Udugov in February 1995 denied in an interview that among the Chechen forces, who fought against Russian troops there are mercenaries. About the fighters of the Ukrainian nationality he was (verbatim quote from video interview): “as for the Ukrainians, indeed, here [on the side of Dudayev] fight 3 Ukrainians, killed one, left two. Then further 4 people arrived, three of them died.” According to Udugov, in February 1995, Chechnya, fought 2 Ukrainian, Udugov they were called volunteers, not mercenaries.

the Internet is another video, it is also dated to 1995, where one of the activists of the Ukrainian right-wing organization UNA*-UNSO** Alexander Muzychko (Sashko Bily) said that in Chechnya on the side of the militants fighting 200 people of Ukrainian nationality. According to Ukrainian journalist and head of the humanitarian mission of the Ukrainian human rights Committee “Helsinki-90” Eugene Wild, all the time the First Chechen campaign in Chechnya on the side of Dudayev fought about 300 Ukrainians.

“Ideological” and “meat”

Gennady Troshev, who in the First Chechen campaign he commanded the joint group of troops, the defense Ministry in Chechnya, in his memoirs, wrote that the rebels despised Ukrainian mercenaries for their laziness and greed. The “ichkerians” said Troshev, these “soldiers of fortune” was in second place in the scale of values of after-Russian traitors who fought on the side of Chechen militants – those “infidels” who applied to another faith, the separatists were despised even more. Generatorsl-Colonel even mentioned that Ukrainian mercenaries in Chechnya were often sold into slavery, so the recruitment of new the Ukraine was difficult, and during the Second Chechen campaign was at war much less.

the author of the news Agency Checheninfo Sergey Doroshenko also wrote that Chechen field commanders had a low opinion of the fighting qualities of the Ukrainian “soldier of fortune”. In February 1996, was fighting for the village of Novogroznensky. Captured militants have told the feds what Salman Raduyev ordered the execution of five Ukrainian mercenaries – those in the midst of the fighting came to a field commander of the separatists for “salary”, they say, the terms of their contractual obligations have expired. Raduyev told them to “calculate” it is necessary to disarm. And then gave the order to shoot the asylum.

Doroshenko has allocated two types of Ukrainian mercenaries who fought in the First Chechen campaign – ideological nationalists, who were mainly engaged proseparatist propaganda and misfits, criminals, adventurers who choose this way to earn extra money. Representatives of the latter category of mercenaries “ichkerians” forced to do the dirty work, right down to combing the countryside in search of a mined areas – as human “mine detectors”. Negative attitude towards “fat in the trenches” were formed among the Chechens and even due to the fact that these mercenaries are not averse to looting, looting of the local population.

Imaginary heroes

There are official data about Ukrainians that “Ichkeria” leadership in the First Chechen campaign allegedly favored. In September 2015 about the involvement of Arseniy Yatsenyuk (at the time Prime Minister of Ukraine) to participate in armed groups said the head of the Russian Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin. Bastrykin claimed that Dudayev was awarded Yatsenyuk higher award of Ichkeria “Hero of nation” for the destruction of the Russian military. Yatsenyuk himself has categorically denied any involvement in this activity. “Not seen”, in his own words, on the firstth Yatsenyuk among the Chechen separatists and former Brigadier General of the militant Akhmed Zakayev.

“the Hero of the nation” of Dudayev during the first Chechen campaign received “koronare pershoho President” Oleksandr Muzychko (Sashko Bilyi), who led one of the detachments of Ukrainian nationalists, and, on memoirs of colleagues, were particularly brutal towards the prisoners to the feds. In early March 2014, Russia’s Investigative Committee opened against him a criminal case on the fact of creation and management of organized crime groups in order to attack on Russian citizens (for activities in Chechnya during the first Chechen campaign). TFR officially commented on what was suspected Muzychko: according to the preliminary investigation, Sashko Bily personally tortured and killed at least 20 Russian soldiers. 17 days after excitation in Russia of criminal case Muzychko, since the mid-90s actively engaged in Ukraine, criminal activities, was shot during the arrest by the local forces.

*Recognized in the Russian Federation, an extremist organization.

** Recognized in the Russian Federation, an extremist organization.

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