Shirvani Basayev: the story of a brother the most dangerous terrorist in Russia

Crime 10/12/19 Photo: Natalia Medvedevsarkozy Basayev: the story of a brother the most dangerous terrorist in Russia

About Shirvani Basayev is known not so much as about his own brother. But in fact, Shirvani played a significant role in the events, in which participated the famous Chechen terrorist. Yes, and the rumors of the death Shirvani Basayev, as well as about the death of Shamil, appeared more than once. About the alleged final destruction Shirvani Basayev, the media announced in December 2000.

As you know, since the late 1980’s to early 1990-ies Shamil Basayev lived in Moscow. With him all this time was and his brother Shirvani. Worked who have. And in 1991, when came the August coup, Basayev, advocated the independence of Chechnya, defended the government House. Supported Shamil and Shirvani and Boris Yeltsin, who, as he writes in his book Russian pendulum” Viktor Aksyuchits, promised to provide all republics “as much sovereignty as they can take.” For unknown reasons, after the defeat of the coup Basayev returned home, where he joined one of the armed forces.

From that moment Shamil and Shirvani Basayev participated actively in armed conflict and has gained considerable experience in this field. Soon, according to the author of the publication “Portrait of the Minister in the context of the time of troubles” Alexander Mikhailov, Shirvani was appointed commandant of the village of Bamut, situated in Achkhoy-Martan district. Thanks to the experience Shirvani Basayev and his subordinates, Federal troops were able to take Bamut only seventeen times. It happened in may 1996.

And in late August of that year, the commandant of Bamut became part of the so-called “Chechen delegation” during the signing of the Khasavyurt agreements. But this is not the only event in which Shirvani Basayev took part. So, if you believe Bushkova Alexander, author of the book “the Fourth toast,” in Octoberre 1999 Shirvani Basayev attended the Wahhabis, where plans were made for the upcoming winter campaign. The meeting, according to Bushkov, I visited the “terrorist No 1” Osama bin Laden. On the conduct of hostilities then was allocated $ 25 million transfer which took Shirvani Basayev.

And in December, Shirvani Basayev, along with Shamil came to the defense of Grozny. Both brothers then managed to escape from the surrounded city and take refuge in the woods. 6 February 2000 the Federal forces finally occupied the capital of the breakaway Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. For obvious reasons, Basayev was not there. Moreover, traces of them are lost so that they are quite a long time nothing was known. In July 2006 came the official announcement of the elimination of Shamil Basayev.

as for the brother of the terrorist — Shirvani Basayev, the rumors of his death spread with surprising regularity. It was said that Shirvani was killed in 1995 in the capture of Budennovsk. After 3 years, a mass media with reference to the UFSB of Dagestan has again written about the destruction of Shirvani Basayev. The press also reported that the brother of Shamil was buried in his native Vedeno district. And in August 1999, the news sources began to talk about brother Basayev. This time he supposedly died during the attack on Dagestan, organised jointly with Khattab.

All of these reports turned out to be the usual gossip. In December 2000, some media once again announced the death of Shirvani Basayev, who died from fatal wounds received during the RAID of the Russian troops. That’s just no evidence for this event has not been provided. In a number of publications have repeatedly appeared information about the fact that Shirvani Basayev, presumably, may be hiding in Turkey.

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