Yakov Brezhnev: what happened to the brother of the leader of the Soviet Union

Biography 23/12/19 Yakov Brezhnev: what happened to the brother of the leader of the USSR

Despite the fact that Yakov Brezhnev too was like his brother in the looks Department, he also, as Secretary General, was a great success in females, and was the soul of male company. If you believe Andrei Burovskii, author of the book “long live “Stagnation”!”, Frenkel often not only entertained the audience, but also helped representatives of the Metropolitan elite, who called him “a ballerina.”

Among the Kremlin elite

according to Alexander Golubev, the author of the book “the General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev”, a few years Yakov Brezhnev worked at a metallurgical plant in Dneprodzerzhinsk, but then (not without the help of older brother, of course) moved to Moscow. In the capital, Yakov Ilyich immediately got an apartment on the Old Arbat. Under the patronage of Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev Yakov held high posts, including the Ministry of nonferrous and ferrous metallurgy. However, in the work of Frenkel appeared rarely, sometimes it could get crazy for 2-3 weeks. So claimed by P. A. Rodionov, whose words are quoted in the book Valentina Kraskovo “Crimes behind the Kremlin wall”. According to Rodionova, Yakov Brezhnev was a dipsomaniac

in fact, becoming a Metropolitan resident, Yakov Ilyich enjoyed going to restaurants and different techniques and alcohol did not disdain. Despite the addiction of the brother of the Secretary General, many fawned before him, trying to get “close”. Yakov Brezhnev himself, for obvious reasons, turned out to be in this circle immediately after moving. Moreover, if you believe illegitimate daughter, which the Brezhnev Jr. amassed, being evacuated to Magnitogorsk, the brother of the head of the country even happened a short affair with the Minister of culture Furtseva, famous for its iron nature. Apparently, small and inconspicuous Frenkel really knew how to charm women.

parade float

meanwhile friends to Yakov Brezhnev often jammed and men, which, however, like most he knew women, he was not interested, despite his ability to dance. It is for this talent and for easy walk Frenkel and received in the Kremlin the nickname “the ballerina”. At least, so says the author of the book “the secret relatives”, Nikolay Zenkovich. Most often, according to the same Zenkovich, Yakov Brezhnev Metropolitan elite simply used. He was often invited to visit, where for the gorgeous dinner table, Brezhnev, Jr. was taken to solve the problems of owners of apartments, and sometimes their guests. Sometimes the names of neither the first nor the last high-ranking visitor was not even aware of.

the Daughter of Yakov Ilyich, Love, not just watched as drunken father pushed, for example, the son of the owners, which was necessary to arrange for good work, or their elderly mother to be treated. It describes these “gatherings” Love Brezhnev in his book “the niece of the Secretary General”. Apparently, he Yakov Brezhnev, too, considered himself an important figure, because, like the elder brother, gave away to friends their portraits with medals on his chest. However, most Frenkel loved spending time in noisy companies, but with the Deputy Prosecutor of the capital Skvortsov, who is also respected by alcohol. That’s only subsequently starlings died in a car accident, and after the death of Brezhnev drinking buddy finally slipped.

the Rupture with his brother and poverty

the Secretary General was trying to cure his younger brother from addiction, but all his efforts were in vain. The same was useless and preventive discussions with Yakov Ilyich regularly held Yuri Andropov. According to Andrei Burovskii in his book “long live “Stagnation”!”, because of years of abuse of alcoholic drinks by Yakov Brezhnev began problems and mental plan. In the end, at the insistence of Leonid Brezhnev, the couple has separated itself from Jacob.

However, izbavilasI have a bad habit of Yakov Il’ich was not going to. According to Burovskii, in the 1980-ies Yakov Brezhnev was practically a beggar: for some reason, he lost half of the retirement allowance, and work could not and did not want. When his wife died Yakov Ilyich daughter was taken from his apartment everything that represented any value: they were afraid that the father simply all drunk. Meanwhile, Yakov Brezhnev was prepared for a fairly long life. If you believe Igor Obolensky, author of the book “Close friends. Memoirs of great on the background of the family,” Frenkel died only in 1997 at the age of 87 years.

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