On the Argentine coast, there are seven killer whales have washed up. Emergency responders were able to get six of the zwaardwalvissen on the period of time in the water, they were then on a ship in the open sea, managed to avoid them again, would be the beaches. For the fourth beast came to the aid of as of late.

The orcas were washed up on the beach of La Caleta, in the north of Mar del Plata. Why is the black-and-white mammals, there were, it is still under investigation. “It is likely that they will have their orientation is lost, and they are, therefore, to the shore to swim,’ says the local officer responsible for environment and tourism, Falvia Laguné. “At first glance, nothing has come to have a disease.”

killer whales, are the largest specimens of the family from the beginning. They roam in herds of as many as 30 species around in the world’s oceans and is on the hunt and split the spoils. The animals can be up to 90 feet in length, and from 50 to 60 years of age. Some of the farmers even in the range of 90 years of age.