Las Vegas – also known as ‘Sin City,’ was at the top on WalletHub’s list.

Las Vegas’ reputation for being “Sin City,” is evidently well-founded.

This is according to a new report by WalletHub. On Monday, the personal finance website published a report titled “2021’s most sinful cities in America”.

Las Vegas was at the top of this list, perhaps not surprising. WalletHub discovered that other cities had their vices.

WalletHub compared 182 major cities – which are the 150 most populated in the U.S., and at least two of each state’s most populated – based upon 37 measurements.

These measurements were divided into seven categories: anger, hatred, jealousy and excesses & vices.

WalletHub created an overall ranking of the 182 cities and also determined how cities were ranked in specific categories.

Madison, Wisconsin was found to be the most drinker – a measure in the excesses and vices category – while Montgomery (Alabama) was the one with the lowest levels of excessive drinking.

Six cities were tied for the most violent crimes per head, with the anger & hatred category. These cities included Memphis, Tennessee, Detroit, Michigan, Baltimore, Maryland, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kansas City, Missouri, and St. Louis. Irvine, California was also found to have the lowest number of violent crimes per capita.

Here are the top 10 sinful cities in America, according to WalletHub.

1. Las Vegas

2. St. Louis

3. Houston

4. Los Angeles

5. Denver

6. Philadelphia

7. Atlanta

8. Miami

9. Chicago

10. Memphis, Tennessee