Scotty Thomas did not realize that he had purchased a lottery ticket for North Carolina’s Lucky for Life drawing

Sometimes forgetfulness pays off.

Most people only dream of winning one time in the lottery. A man from North Carolina accidentally won two tickets on the same day.

Scotty Thomas didn’t realize he had purchased a Lucky for Life lottery ticket and instead bought another ticket with the exact same numbers, Fox 10 reports. He won the $25,000-a year prize twice after the numbers came up.

Thomas stated in a press release by the North Carolina Education Lottery that he was simply watching a basketball match on TV. He couldn’t recall if he filled it out. My son was curious about the two amounts. I filled it out again, and he asked me why. “I realized that I had filled it twice.

However, he was able to correct his mistake.

Thomas could choose from several winning options with both of his tickets. Thomas could win the yearly prize for both tickets, and receive $50,000 each year for the rest his life. He could also choose to pay a lump sum for the ticket, which was $390,000.

He could, according to the lottery, claim the yearly prize for one ticket and then take the lump sum for the second ticket, if desired.

Thomas stated, “When I realized that I won, I had no choice but to lie down on the ground because it was unbelievable.” It’s a blessing.

Thomas chose to claim the lump sum of both tickets. He’ll still have $551,851 after taxes. He plans to pay off his bills, invest in his business, and buy a house.