History 30/12/19 “Religion real men”: how Hitler made the Muslims their allies

Geopolitical interests in the first half of the 20th century encouraged Germany to use against England of the Muslim peoples. This began even Kaiser Wilhelm II during the First world war. Then the German and Turkish propaganda in the middle East trumpeted that the Kaiser had converted to Islam during his visit to Jerusalem in 1898.

Hitler: “Islam is a religion of men,”

To the beginning of the Second world war, the motives of anti-British propaganda, sensitive for Muslims, added the start of the implementation of the Zionist project. UK aim to contribute to the creation of his mandate in Palestine (which he received in 1920) an independent Jewish state. This state could only be created by displacing the Arabs from their lands. So anti-British sentiments of the Arabs, and added another anti-Semitic notes (it would be wrong to call it “anti-Semitic” because Arabs are Semites, too).

the Convergence between the Nazis and Islamists were complicated and motivated by militant anti-communism. The brief period of cooperation between Hitler and Stalin in 1939-41 he here did not in fact changed. Islamist leaders were very impressed by what Hitler called communism a “Jewish ideology.” “Established and led by Jews, Bolshevism, in unison, the Fuhrer wrote in 1941 propaganda booklet “Islam, Judaism, Bolshevism” Islamic ideologue, Mohammed Sabri, who worked in the office of Goebbels, is an implacable enemy of Islam.” In turn, the Nazis with the help of the Islamists want to erase the sympathy of the peoples of the East to Soviet Russia, which proclaimed the anti-colonialism part of their ideology.

Dominic Greene, the author of the article in the “wall street of Cornell” on January 16, 2015, referring to the book of historian David Motadel “Islam and war NaziOh Germany,” writes that the modern European Union has inherited from the Nazi propaganda some enduring clichés. So, was Hitler was the first European politician who said that “Islam is incapable of terrorism.” Hitler also gave instructions to the press of the Third Reich to extol the “cultural factor of the Islamic world” and banned negative references about the religion of the prophet Muhammad.

In private conversation, the führer spoke very positively about Islam, calling it, according to the chief architect and Minister of armaments of the Third Reich, albert Speer, “religion real men”, contrasting him in this as “spineless Christianity.”

Muslim Waffen-SS

In the Wehrmacht and the SS fought many of the volunteer units made up of Muslims. Here it is necessary to call in the first place, the SS Legion “Free Arabia”, created from the Arabs in various countries in North Africa and Arab immigrants in Europe. By 1945 the “Free Arabia” was naschityvala about 20 thousand soldiers. Large formations were the Albanian (21-I) mountain division of the SS “Skanderbeg” and 1-Croatian I (13-I) mountain division of the SS “Khanjar”. The latter was composed of Bosnian Muslims.

Large SS compound was created from prisoners of the Muslim peoples of the USSR: Turkestan Legion, the Eastern Turkic Union, the Legion “Idel-Ural”, the Azerbaijani Legion and other smaller. Muslims of Indian origin were included in the Legion “Free India” along with Hindus, what was the obvious mistake of the Nazis: hatred between the two major communities of India could not repay even a shared hatred of the British.

the Jihad for the Third Reich

In 1936 in Palestine began the first “intifada” against the British mandate and the project of establishing a Jewish state. The ideological inspirer and the head of it was made by the mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Amin al-Husseini. In 1931 he presided at the world Islamic conference, and then became Chairman of the Arab higher Committee that became the control centretion uprising. Husseini met with a Swiss banker, Francois’s Wife, who gave money to the Nazis before coming to power, and agreed to financial support. After the war, his Wife continued to sponsor the Nazi Diaspora and Arab terrorism.

In 1939 the British almost managed to cope with the disturbances in Palestine, and then, Husseini moved on to Iraq. The outbreak of the Second world war had inspired Islamist underground. With Husseini the Nazis were able at the beginning of 1941 to bring in Iraq to power a Pro-German government. However, thanks to the decisive actions of the British military a month later, in may 1941, the government managed to get rid of it.

Husseini moved to the Third Reich, where Hitler decided to use the moral authority of the mufti of Jerusalem to mobilize Muslims. The Directive of Hitler for No 32 of 11 June 1941 included the incitement of the Arab national-liberation revolution. Meeting of the Fuhrer and the Grand mufti was held in Berlin on 28 November 1941. Husseini helped to create the Arab Legion, Albanian, Bosnian and other Muslim SS units. According to the Israeli historian benny Morris, Hitler promised Husseini to expel the Jews from Palestine and to provide the Arabs of the Middle East national self-determination after the war.

the most famous of the received speech Husseini on Berlin radio on March 1, 1944. The mufti urged all Muslims to a Holy Jihad on the side of Nazi Germany against its enemies, primarily for the wholesale killing of Jews, where possible.

After the war the mufti was able, playing on the contradictions between the USSR and the West, who tried, each in their favor, to play the Islamic card to avoid trial for involvement in war crimes of Nazism. Marshal Tito, who Husseini was transferred (as a Muslim SS units committed atrocities mostly on the territory of Yugoslavia), did not prevent his escape to the “native Palestinian”, where a friend of Hitler until 1974 continued from time to time to appeal to the practice of the Holocaust for the sake of torGesta of the intifada.

Yaroslav Butakov

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