The consumer Store is the place to be if wePromojagers Belgiëmogen believe in it. The members of the facebook group are sharing the biggest names in promotions, with each other, and this week it hit, she can’t stop talking about the Krattenactie from the drug store. The members that have shared the photos of the large quantities of laundry products that they are interested in and where they are very useful for eliminating the need to pay for it.

“The project is very popular,” says manager, Gunther Devisch, who this week are a secret tip for the readers of “All the more so because there are even more bargains to the retailer.”

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From the Krattenactie from a Store can you get 4 products to choose from with a vast selection that you will account for 10 euro, you pay. This includes features such as Ariel Pods, dishwasher tablets and washing detergent from Dreft and fabric softener from Lenor. “A good price”, according to Devisch, “a box of Ariel Pods if you pay normally, 3,99€. With this offer you’ll pay for four boxes of 10 euro (instead of 15,96. However our facebook group has to carefully follow these steps, it could be even more to his advantage to do so.”

This week, there were exciting money-off vouchers, available via the websiteZin in meervan, the company and Procter & Gamble. “It was at a discount of 3 euro on the Ariel Pods”, will Devisch continues. “In a lot of shops at a Store, you could combine them with the Krattenactie. It would be nice to have an attentive promojagers, as they were ‘sold out’.” (read on below)