The animals, The Russian blogger and sportfanaat Tion Shafiev (35), which is at the end of the board because of his tattoos naaktkat Bb for the past few days disappeared without a trace, it is. The so-called Breed, originally a Canadian breed that breeders have mutated into a “predator” without the hair, he jumped out of a autoraampje then, ‘So Fight’(the stage name of the Cat) paid a visit to the village of Pervomaisky in the vicinity of Yekaterinburg.

According to the Russian media was Shafiev this week, an emergency call is to be almost to 230,000 followers on Instagram. But the chances of that are, fans will flock to the 6-year-old Berry will have to go search it seems to be small. Over the past few years, the Russians have a wagonlading criticism of him when he is the photos shared by the naaktkat that the criminal bendetatoeages on the head, back, and chest. The permanent huidtekeningen were made when the animal is under general anesthesia was made.

Elizabeth Skorynina, president of the Russian animal rights organisation, it is stated that the b flat in the last few years, an awful lot of pain, and for that reason escaped from its owner. “When a man kanervoor choose to endure the pain of the application of the tattoos, but the one animal that does that.’ Skorynina suggests that the imagery on the skin ‘is purely the desire of the owner’. “Bb will be when they woke up from the anesthesia, it’s likely to be much pain before. I don’t know what the pain of a cat. Thus, Tion Shafiev had never been allowed to do so. This is pure animal abuse.”

the Wolves

Shafiev the last couple of years never to respond to negative comments about Bb. The only thing left for him, but today there is a swift return to his beloved cat. “There are several things that can be with her to be in the area in which my attention slipped away. It is in the forests of Pervomaisky, bears, wolves, and lynx: predators of her as a victim, will see it.”

Instagramvolgers of the men were not surprised to see that the eye-catching Bb in a run. “That would be me in her situation have done,” said a person opsociale the media. Another one says that Ab ‘and a lot of the suffering is saved, it will remain. Shafiev-will of all that know nothing. “Berry, it disappeared in the darkness, and into the tall grass. I have a five-hour search, and I gave them a call. Usually, they are the same. I am very worried, and will eat and sleep more. Bb and I have learned to just be together.”

The animal rights organisation hope that Bb will continue to be. Elizabeth Skorynina: “When the cat’s tattoo is locally anesthetized to have been, for example, only the portion on which the drawings are made – will they be frightened to death, and subsequently suffers from the effects of the anesthesia. It is not clear which, and how, the cat is anesthetized. It can also be muscle relaxants have been. Moving is a beast, but it feels like it and understand it.” The recovery is going to be a drama, it must have been, or suspect they do. “Similar to a burn.”