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the Acronym MTR stands for special operations Forces. This elite military unit of the defense Ministry of Russia. If in the US, a similar structure exists since 1987, we have the creation of elite units began only in 2009.

the Main difference with this unit is that its members can act outside the territory of the Russian Federation, in the States with whom Russia is not at war, and, as stated in its Charter, “to apply the methods and ways of fighting, not typical of normal forces, reconnaissance and sabotage, subversive, counter-terrorism, kontrdiversionnoy, counter-intelligence, guerrilla, counterinsurgency and other actions”.

these dry lines of the official document is incredibly risky work, which most clearly showed the soldiers during operations in Syria, where the order of command they were sent to fight against ISIS*. There military was engaged in the exploration, the destruction of the commanders of the terrorist groups, the adjustment of the fire of our aircraft and many other tasks that will long remain secret.

so, let’s remember the most famous at the moment the operation of the MTR, most of the information about which is classified.


Soldiers of the special operations Forces took part in maintaining law and order on the Peninsula of Crimea, when Ukraine was a coup. The Russian government decided to send soldiers to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea to ensure there is security of Russian citizens. Presumably, they participated in the capture of a military airfield Belbek in Sevastopol, part of the personnel who initially refused to lay down their arms.

After two days of opposition fighters are no casualties to occupy the territory and to convince her to comandira to leave the location.

Call the fire itself

After the Crimea, the fighters of the MTR noted in the Syrian operations videoconferencing. There the soldiers were engaged in the destruction of the warlords of terrorist groups, as well as the adjustment of the fire of our aircraft. In March 2016 the fighter MTR Alexander Prokhorenko proved to the world that they are part of the elite not only due to skills and gear, but also because of the military spirit. He said the construction of the bandits in the province of HOMS. Fighters figured out his position and surrounded Alexander. He shot back as they could, but when he realized that for him no way out, caused the fire of the artillery. He died, but took with him many enemies. For this feat he was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia.

This action became widely known abroad and has roused the admiration of people around the world. Thus, the French family Magician in a sign of respect and admiration for Alexander Prokhorenko passed to his widow awards their relatives during the Second world war: the Legion of honor and war cross with a palm branch.

16 vs 300

Another feat of glorified MTR, when a handful of the 16 fighters were forced to counter the offensive of more than 300 terrorists.

it was at Aleppo. One of the many enemy groups attacked Syrian government forces in that area. One of these days our soldiers as usual were in the area of the Syrian army, suddenly launched a powerful artillery barrage. The Syrians retreated, than not fail to take advantage of militants. They had planned to take the commanding heights, however, was suddenly under fire. It turned out that unlike the Syrians 16 fighters of the MTR did not run, and took the fight.

the Battalion fighters used artillery, the position was also sent to Shaheed-mobility (car bomb with a suicide bomber driving) undercover bronetraktora, beat out tanks, and “Gartow”, stormed on the two BMPs, but our soldiers have destroyed all this equipment with guided missiles. On the first day ofno more repulsed four attacks.

Night fighters mined the approaches that has become a big nuisance for militants. The next day, the terrorists made several unsuccessful attacks. For a day and a half was reflected at about 10 attacks, after which the enemy retreated. On the battlefield left 300 dead. Our came out of the battle unscathed.

hold on to the last

a Similar case occurred in August 2017. The office of CCO five men arrived at the checkpoint of the Syrian army, which controlled traffic on the road Akerbat – As-Sohne. Suddenly, the checkpoint was attacked by dozens of militants. Part of the Syrian military were killed, and some fled. Our nothing remained but to fight.

Soon due to heavy fire almost all the team members were injured. Sound was only the young soldier — corporal Denis Portnyagin. Taking the gun, he single-handedly began to shoot back. After some time, his gun got shot and he went down. Denis continued to fight back with gunfire and grenades. During a brief respite he managed to get in touch with her and call for help. When the fighters got closer, it came into our artillery: it cut off the reinforcements of thugs, and then cleaned the scene our helicopters.

When the checkpoint reinforcements arrived the Syrians, all the fighters were already holding a grenade, ready to blow himself up in order not to be captured. In the end, all survived. Denis Portnyagin was presented with the award Hero of Russia, presented to him by Vladimir Putin personally.

* ISIS – an organization banned in Russia.

Vasily Khodarev

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