The death of Lebed: the main inconsistencies

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In April 2002, we tragically lost one of the most prominent statesmen of the new Russia – Lieutenant-General Alexander Lebed. The helicopter in which he was flying crashed in the Krasnoyarsk region. Despite the fact that the investigation was conducted and identifies the guilty, the circumstances of the death of captain still raises a number of questions.

Alexander Lebed, who served from 1998 the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai, in that day flew in the vicinity Babinskogo the pass to the opening of new ski slopes. The route passed through the village of Pines towards the village of Ermakovskiy.

the Tragedy occurred at 10:15 local time. Mi-8, which flew the Governor, his team and journalists – a total of about 20 people, touched blades wire transmission lines (PTL) and fell to the ground near the route Krasnoyarsk-Kyzyl near lake Ola.

Swan, when he was pulled from the blazing car, was still alive, but died on the way to the intensive care unit of Abakan. Just the crash killed eight people.

Investigating the incident were investigated by a special Commission of the interstate aviation Committee (IAC). She came to the conclusion that one of the causes of the disaster were bad weather conditions in which the flight took place. According to the expert opinion refers to the testimony of local residents, that day it was snowing with rain, and maximum visibility did not exceed several tens of meters.

In the end, said MACK, the helicopter pilots were not able to see power lines. And when the line appeared in sight, the crew commander Takhir Akhmetov too jerked his Mi-8 up, causing the blades bent and touched the tail.

At the same time the pilot says the weather that day was lovely, and power lines all the time clearly visible. In interview “to Komsomol’skOh truth” a few months after the tragedy, he said that the clouds that day were above ground level at a height of about two kilometers, and the crew could see the details of terrain at a distance of five kilometers.

As stated Akhmetov, disaster has led the instructions of the Director shushenskogo sanatorium Yuri Podgorny. He was well versed in the area and began to tell the pilots how to fly. As a result, incorrect assessment of the line route led to the tragedy.

He Podgorny during interrogation gave highly contradictory testimony, claiming that the weather was bad and the transmission line crew noticed at all for three and a half meters, which was rejected by the pilots. Despite this, Director shushenskogo sanatorium passed on business only as the witness.

Alexander Lebed was known for a sharp temper, so soon after the tragedy of the Krasnoyarsk state broadcasting company has put forward the version that the instructions on the flight was given the General himself, entering the cockpit. The whole country flew supposedly the phrase Swan: “take All the responsibility on yourself.”

However, experts of the POPPY, after listening to recordings of the black boxes of the helicopter, didn’t record the conversations of the General crew. However, it is known that the helicopter logger has one peculiarity: unlike aircraft, it does not record everything that happens in the cockpit. The Registrar is only in moments of negotiations of crew with each other or with the ground, so the voice of a Swan on it in principle could not be.

moreover, Akhmetov claimed to have piloted the helicopter at low altitude on the orders of the General. In his words, the Governor has set the goal from the beginning. After his release in 2006, the pilot confirmed that Swan really came to the booth and gave instructions. However, it is unknown whether it was made before the flight or at the beginning.

Immediately after the tragedy and started talking about the inexperience of the crew. The journalist of the newspaper “Krasnoyarskiy Rabochiy” Elena Lopatina, who was in the ill-fated helicopter, claimed that the accident occurred due to “laxity and irresponsibility” of the pilots. According to her, they were ill-prepared for flying in conditions of the Siberian spring and did not put the car when it was necessary.

Akhmetov these charges were dismissed, claiming he has 30 years of experience, and with Lebedev at the Siobhan he flew for a long time. In his words, if he really saw the danger, then launched would Mi-8. An experienced pilot was the second pilot Alexey Kurilovich: by the time he flew for 22 years.

One of the reasons for the tragedy, according to MACK, was the lack of knowledge of the pilots location, poor orientation on the map. Supposedly they have not properly studied the route before the flight, therefore, is marked on the map of power lines was a surprise to them.

Tahir Ahmetov, the official version denies. In his words, a pilot had a map, 1956, where no transmission lines were not. The pilot noted that the application for a new card was submitted before the tragic flight, but in time they why-that have not provided.

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