Panama Papers – raids on banks and accounting firms, investigators have nationwide, several private and business premises searched. Companies in tax havens the accused to have evaded taxes. © Photo: Thomas Lohnes/

During a RAID in the entire Federal territory, investigators have a wide range of business and private premises searches. You have spaces in the living of eight “wealthy individuals”, eleven banks and savings banks, as well as the business premises of four tax advisors, searched, informed the state attorney of Frankfurt – on suspicion of tax evasion. In addition to the Frankfurt public Prosecutor’s office the Federal criminal police office (BKA) were involved, the Landeskriminalamt Hamburg, the oberfinanzdirektion, Frankfurt, and other authorities on the large-scale RAID.

the names of the banks, it was, announced the authorities. Instead, it was said that the premises of the Institute were in Aachen, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Erding, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Trier. In Aachen, Hamburg, Hürth and Munich investigators, according to the business premises of four tax advisors searched in Hamburg, the rooms of the six Asset management companies. The living rooms of private individuals were in Bad Tölz, Germany, Erkrath, Hamburg, Conc, Simmerath, and on the island of Sylt.

the Prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt said to have founded the eight Suspects using a former subsidiary company “of a major German Bank” in the British virgin Islands companies in tax havens. You wanted to hide income and avoid taxes.

The RAID, according to authorities with information in connection with a RAID on the German Bank in November 2018. At that time, the investigators had ensured according to its own information of numerous business records in written and electronic Form. Employees of the largest German Bank to have helped customers in the creation of letter box companies in the so-called tax havens. Their suspicions of the investigators were based on data from the so-called Offshore Leaks and Panama Papers by the BKA.

The Deutsche Bank pointed out that the current investigation proceedings against the group, judge: “The public Prosecutor’s office determined against private individuals. Deutsche Bank is cooperating with the Prosecutor’s office and publishes all requested documents voluntarily. A search of the business premises of the Bank, has not taken place.”

In the spring of 2016 had uncovered an international media network with the Panama Papers, that large sums of money flowed to Panama. The country in Central America is considered a tax haven and home to a multitude of letter-box companies. A network of investigative journalists had released in 2013 with the Offshore Leaks data set to tax havens and tax evasion on the Internet.