Barely appeared in the Berliner Mietspiegel, as the Senate, to submit to administration for urban development and Housing. From the home of Senator Katrin Lompscher (Left) is circulating a draft of the competitive “Rent cap”. This provides an upper limit for the Rent-free apartments as well as for existing tenancies. Thus, the increase in Rent is to be stopped. Thus, the discussion on the structure of the SPD at the beginning of the year, placed on the proposal is opened.

Because even if the Rent in the city increased by government regulations last less than previously, will continue to many tenants, just out of old buildings, their Neighborhoods displaced. The paper is from the 6. In may, the daily mirror exclusive that provides for a maximum rent which, if Exceeded, is subject to authorisation. However, unlike the SPD’s required, not “to be the Rent frozen”. The justification: “The current Situation on Berlin’s housing market does not justify a General suspension of the rent increases.”

Instead, rent increases should continue to be possible – but only up to a mietober border. Whether this is nine, ten or eleven euros, however, is still completely open. The height should be determined “finally and definitely” means it is vague in the draft. The scheme will apply for five years. Except for social housing and new construction.

Many questions

But nothing is decided yet. The stresses also Lompschers spokeswoman Katrin Dietl. How to rent cap will be discussed in a working group, consisting of the Senate administrations and tenancy law experts. There are also still many open questions. To name just two: How to cope with the already overburdened administration of Berlin, the expected flood of applications for exemptions? And is it even legally permissible, a maximum rent for all the apartments to set whatever Standards or what? The paper gives no answers.

Iris Spranger, housing policy spokesman of the SPD, is a proposal from Lompschers house still not satisfied. “I am in favour of freezing the Rent,” she said to the daily mirror. Their concern: the landlord, which may be less than the demand the highest rent, be inspired to increase the rent up to the ceiling.

The spokeswoman for the accommodation of the Greens, Katrin Schmidberger, not the design of the administration is still far enough. “We want to make the rent cover as sharp as possible,” she says. The Greens are now calling for a Rent freeze for over five years, in combination with a capping of rent in Re-renting. The maximum allowable rent for an apartment is to set a price table. The tenants ‘ Association welcomed the paper from the urban development management: “We prefer at the Moment, the model of the mietober limit,” says managing Director Reiner Wild. Against a General Rent freeze speak, that landlords who charge low Rents, would be punished.

the draft law will later this year.

Long was legally debatable whether the state of Berlin has the competence, a rent cover to introduce Because tenancy law is largely Federal law. On the edge of the Left-party rally at the weekend had Lompscher said that the country’s legal competence is now resolved. Vertices for a corresponding law wanted to present to mid-June in the Senate.

A bill should be drafted before the end of this year. The present internal design of your house includes rent rebates for contracts that are above the new ceiling. For this, there must be in these cases, but no rent increases. And it comes to the re-letting of an expensive, i.e. above the upper limit of the same floor, would be the new rent is cheaper than the old, because then the ceiling attacks. Move would be worth it for some tenants.

the General rule is that The rent must not exceed the upper limit is only exceeded if either the profitability for the landlord or the rent increase is a result of a modernization, which was previously permitted by the investment Bank Berlin. For approval of hardship cases and for the prosecution of violations of the Rental price to be in the district offices. Rent increases beyond the upper limit, which do not have approval, should be defined as a misdemeanor and fines of up to 100,000 EUR has to be paid.

the impact the law would have for the Rent, because the price for tied housing is exempt from the collection of the local comparative rent. Because the cover would apply to all homes, “is likely to excrete a creation of a new rental index after the entry into force of the land law regulations”.

This article first appeared in the daily mirror.