Snooker World Open, snooker is not a success for Ronnie O’sullivan. The 43-year-old Englishman (WS-2) was not even on the master table to insert it. At the time of the Chinese arts and crafts fair, he was in the finals with a 5 to 3 cleared by the Dutch boss Dominic Dale (PC-94).

With breaks of 50 and 91 are made O’sullivan is still, however, a 2-0 deficit is good, and he came back to 3-3, but then, so Dale, who had previously been the series of 50 to 76, had to mark it down, the breaks of 51 and 72 in the way. That is, to shock the Chinese public, which, however, quickly out of the shock, obtained, and made it to the front rushed to get a signature or a selfie with “The Rocket” have to get hold of.

In the nine previous encounters and had the van Dale dictionary have the worst of it should be mine, O’sullivan has won, in addition, more than three-quarters of the frame, and it gave Dale a lot of times whitewashed on the ear. “For 27 years, it has taken a while, but now that I have, He beat it, maybe this is my big break”, and smiled, the 47-year-old Dale.