TV, “We have had enough of the pain suffered, now it’s up to the others.” Rod (38) and Mathias (41) With Av to make do with a nod of farewell ‘, The bodies of the Av, but to put out there tonight, “The code of the Av’ and a just as cute a program in front of you. The brothers join two well-known students into a range of rooms, from which they will as quickly as possible, you should try to get away.

to create A space in which you must escape by solving riddles. It reminds me of a escape in the room, but it is a word that the brothers would prefer not to hear it. “We have done everything in our power to make it more than just about ontsnappingskamer,” says Mathias. “The big difference is in the fact that it is in The code of the Av’ a lot of the physical aspects of sitting, and it’s also a bit more risky. We use Ann Van Elsen is, for example, three meters height, and fixed with superglue. Pre-tested, of course, but it is not there. In addition, we supplement the answer to the riddle, with all sorts of things, where we are in The body of the Av is ” not right away, stay with know. In the experiments, we can explain in a studio with our wetenschapsvriend, Lieven Scheire, who is perfectly able to explain to you exactly what is going on during these tests. I see it more as a mix of “Fort Boyard”, and “The body is that of Av’ as an escape in the room.”