In NFL Week 12, the Indianapolis Colts host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3). The Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady is the other player you have heard so much about.

You may not be familiar with this player, but it could prove to be crucial: Tampa Bay nose tackle Vitavea. He is considered to be one of the best defensive players in the NFL and will likely return to the field after an injury.

Vea’s presence is crucial in many of these predictions. Many of these people also predicted that the Colts would lose last weekend.

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Gregg Rosenthal ( Bucs 30-24

These two are among the most effective run defenses in football. This matters less to the Bucs’ offense. While Tom Brady has an offense that is ready to play around opposing strengths, I don’t give Carson Wentz the benefit of the doubt. If cornerback Carlton Davis is back, this week will be a great week for the Bucs’ secondary. Although I don’t believe Jonathan Taylor is in the MVP discussion, I would be happy to change my tune if he carried the Colts on Sunday.

Bill Bender. Sporting News. Bucs 30-26

Peyton Manning doesn’t have to be worried about this week, though Tom Brady has a history of winning big games at Indianapolis. Jonathan Taylor is the Colts’ top rusher, averaging 157.7 yards per week the last three weeks. It is true that Tampa Bay has the league’s most effective run defense. This will be tested. In the fourth quarter, the Buccaneers win behind Brady (who is now 5-4 at Indianapolis including postseason). He departs with one more win against his old rivals.

Pete Prisco. CBS Sports : Bucs 28-20

While the Bucs did a better job against the Giants in defense, it will be difficult against Jonathan Taylor and his running game for the Colts. With Vita Vea expected to return, I believe this game will be decided by Carson Wentz for Colts. The Bucs will be back. Tom Brady makes the most of it.

Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk: Bucs 30-23

Tom Brady will face #DeflateGate, the team where he lost a Super Bowl. He has certainly come to terms with that.

Sam Farmer, Los Angeles Times: Bucs 28-24

This could be the game for the week. Jonathan Taylor, Colts’ running back, is coming off a five touchdown game in which he ran 32 times. Perhaps he is a bit more tired than a team that has Vita Vea back.

Gerry Dulac – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Colts 34-30

Keep your eyes on the Colts. Their only loss in six games was to the Titans by three points. They’re averaging 33.5 point in this stretch, coming off a 26-point win in Buffalo. Tampa Bay has suffered three consecutive road losses.

Wes O’Donnell Bleacher Report: Bucs 27-24

This game is not my favorite. The Bucs won’t let teams run the football, and the Colts aren’t allowing that to happen with their league-leading rusher Jonathan Taylor. There has to be something. The safer option is to take the points with the home team for a shorter week, but the Bucs will beat the Colts if they can get JT under control.

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: Bucs 28-24

Tom Brady should feel comfortable moving the ball in the Colts’ zone defense. If Vita Vea returns for the Bucs, they should at least slow down Jonathan Taylor with their strong run defense. Brady can quickly turn the game into a negative and force Carson Wentz to throw often to match. This is not ideal for Indianapolis.