“This woman has shown herself to be strong beyond measure and wise beyond her years. She also loves beyond my wildest dreams. Michaels told PEOPLE that she is so happy to call her hers.

Jillian Micha is engaged

PEOPLE has confirmed that the fitness trainer will marry DeShanna Marie Minuto. Minuto, 36 and Michaels, were engaged on Saturday.

“DeShanna is beautiful, intelligent, funny, creative and passionate. The list could go on and on. These characteristics are what attract people to you. It’s their character that draws you to them, Michaels tells PEOPLE.

It’s easy to keep your family together when things are going well, but when life gets real and things start to get difficult, scary, frightening, or downright ugly, that’s when you discover the truth. This woman has proven herself to be strong beyond measure and wise beyond her years. She is also loving beyond my wildest imaginations. She continues, “I am so grateful to officially name her mine.”

Jillian Michaels, creator of Fitness App by Jillian, proposed to her with a 7-carat emerald-cut diamond. It featured two single-carat trapezoids diamonds on each side. This stunning ring was created by H&H Jewelers, a specialty jeweler from Miami.

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Minuto and the Biggest Losertrainer have been together since 2018. Michaels and Minuto celebrated their three-year wedding anniversary on Instagram.

She wrote, “We are all asleep until our love falls in love” Happy anniversary @deshannamarie

Michaels shared a photo from Minuto to celebrate their two-year anniversary. He thanked her for “showing love how hard it works” as well as “for teaching me something every day.”

She said, “Thanks for making me a better individual.” I am grateful for your kindness and willingness to share yourself with me. You are my greatest love.

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Michaels has previously spoken out about her relationship to Minuto with PEOPLE, telling PHPNOW that she and her fiancee train together. The trainer stated that Minuto was once an athlete at college, but Michaels’ workouts were difficult for her.

Michaels stated, “What’s fascinating about DeShanna was that she was like, D1 athlete — some crazy amazing athlete… and was very fit, very slim, and was like: ‘Okay. I’m going to begin working out.'” “And so I was like, “Alright babe.” 

Michaels said, “I gave her some routine and she was like: ‘I can’t walk, have been zombified. I hate you.’ Then, over a few weeks, she’s like: I just ran my mile for seven minutes and fifteen seconds.”

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Before their 2018 split, Michaels was previously engaged with Heidi Rhoades.

She and Rhoades have two children, daughter Lukensia (11), whom Michaels adopted in Haiti in May 2012 and son Phoenix (9), to whom Rhoades gave rise that same month and year .