Science-NASA has a detailed and beautiful image of Mars will be released. Earlier in the week and sent to the European union and the Russian space probe ExoMars is a great photo of the red planet in the direction of the earth.

the Top image was taken by NASA spacecraft, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and shows a part of Danielson crater. Which has a diameter of 66 km, and it was millions or billions of years ago, it formed, according to the American ruimteorganisatie. The crater is composed of rocks that are mixed with sand (the blue areas), which are frozen and hit. Some parts of the crater floor and fell easier prey to erosion than the others, which is the trapachtige, both the structure of the us mail.

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the European union and the Russian probe, ExoMars, sent out this week with a more detailed picture of the red planet, at the same time. Are the dunes on the north pole of Mars is to be seen. The white color on the picture is caused by the dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide. In the spring, when the sun’s shining, crack in the ice, and escaped the gas out of the sea. The dark sand, then up and stowed, as shown in the picture can be seen clearly.