Cycling is an Ex-racing cyclist and directeur sportif Frans Van Looy (69) yesterday, unexpectedly, he died in his house in the civil war broke out.

Frans Van Looy was beroepswielrenner between 1972 and 1982. He took part in the Olympic Games inMünchen,who won three times in the closing price in the Draw and won the first place in the Scale of Orders in the civil war broke out. Ronald mcdonald will be achieved even stage wins in the Dauphiné Libéré and the Tour of Catalonia.

in the last few years of his life, operating in French, along with his brother, and their familiehoeve, “The Barn,” in the civil war broke out. He was responsible for the cows, rabbits, and sheep, and was actively involved in the social activities in the fields surrounding the farm. “There is werdenvolleybal, and soccer tournaments and dog shows are organized and there were school children on a visit to the animal eye,” said his brother, Fons Van Looy.

After that, the Flemish Government, in 2016 the owner of ‘The Barn’, the Agency’s Traffic and Roads (AVW), which is French for the farm, not as a place to live could use it. A petition calling for the preservation of ‘The Barn’, this summer, has been signed by 3,000 people, was there not a change to be more in the coming days.