Musa I: how much money was the richest man in history

History 30/12/19 Musa I: how much money was the richest man in history

How to write modern historians, about the fabulous riches of the ruler of Mali Mansa Musa Keita I became known in other countries of the world, when the Emperor made a pilgrimage to Mecca. Relatively quickly, however, the huge size of capital decreased significantly.

Guilty of civil strife and foreign invaders

According to the online edition of Celebrity Net Worth, specializing in the publication of biographies of celebrities, the ruler of Mali Mansa (“Mansa” and is translated as “ruler”) Musa Kate I had the condition, equivalent to 400 billion dollars. Musa stood at the head of the state since 1312, the then Malian Empire consisted of territory of the modern West African countries like Ghana, Timbuktu, Mali and many others. Empire had more than half the world’s supply of salt and gold.

Some mosques built by Mansa Musa, and are now, after 700 years. It is reported that a multibillion-dollar fortune of this ruler two generations later after his reign (Mansa Musa ruled for 25 years) have significantly decreased due to swept the Empire in civil war and incursions by foreign invaders.

How did you know about his wealth

English writer Abby Norman in his landmark study reports that the enormous wealth of the ruler of Mali in other countries learned during his journey to Mecca – Hajj was very expensive. The caravan of Mansa Musa passed through Cairo and Medina, there were over 60 thousand people and dozens of animals. Malians were carrying a lot of gold that Musa and members of his entourage distributed to the poor on the streets, in the towns through which passed the caravan, bought in exchange for ingots of precious metal things.

as a result, because of the abundance of gold price plummeted and it ended up that Mansa Musa appeared monopoly to set prices for gold throughout the Mediterranean. The extraordinary journey of 1375 was shown for such well-known historical document like the Catalan Atlas and on a map drawn and the Mansa Musa seated on a throne with a gold crown.

more Than famous Mansa Musa

Abby Norman said that the richest man in the world, a large part of their funds spent on the construction of mosques. According to legend, he began the erection of another religious buildings every Friday. The most famous of them – Gingerberry mosque in Timbuktu, it has survived to the present time.

In the merit of Mansa Musa, whom historians consider one of the most powerful rulers of his time, if not world history, also put the creation of a wide network of educational institutions in his Empire, located on the territory of more than 3 thousand square kilometers.

According to historians and economists to 400 billion as Mansa Musa centuries later managed to come close only to John D. Rockefeller with a capital of 336 billion.

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