Most agile: restaurateur, who wraps clients in a deli, sold to coronaries and traveled halfway around the world

the Renowned Moscow restaurateur Arkady Novikov in a recent interview said bitterly that if they knew what would happen (talking about the pandemic and the paralysis of the restaurant market), it’d sell without hesitation. Such thoughts are now visited by many owners. NGS found the lucky one who managed to make this dream come true, getting rid of the last of the project in catering in early March.

In catering Alexey Often by accident. In 2004, after graduating from the 9th grade, he thought about becoming a programmer, but missed all the deadlines for admission to other schools and went to vocational school to learn cooking. Mom said, “Go to cook, you’ll be well-fed and warm”. After that, it was almost ten years in various establishments, from canteens to unnamed expensive restaurants, until he wanted his individual enterprise.