From the kindergarten to the University: the Swifts have created educational cluster of the new type

June 1, in the district of Swifts opened the pre-school Department of MBOU SOSH № 51. In the garden there will be 20 groups of 10 people: two nurseries, six secondary and two combined focus for kids with speech disorders. Due to the mode of isolation while it is planned two on-duty groups, but if the situation improve, with September 1 kindergarten complete.

With the opening of a kindergarten in the Swifts launched a new format of education. The garden and the school No. 51 constitute a single educational cluster and the pedagogical approach, and architecture. GK Strizhi look deeper: they just built a garden for a record six months, and created a new vector of the learning and development of children from 2 years to adulthood and older.

For the children of the garden will organize excursions to the neighboring school so they gradually become accustomed to what awaits them in the future. According to Ilya Polyakov, on the basis of school No. 51, which GK Strizhi reconstructed last year, I want to create specialized medical classes and to prepare children for admission in the medical College and the University. The same work is planned and Siberian transport University. So the continuity of knowledge and values will be extended from nursery to high schools.