Marshal Kulik: what Zhukov was removed from his command of

History 29/12/19 Marshal Kulik: what Zhukov was removed from his command of “the Saviour of Leningrad”

the Reasons for the Soviet historians do not describe the details of this operation are understandable only from the perspective of the time. Marshal Kulik, the only Soviet marshals, which was during the war, demoted, and after the war and even executed, according to the logic of time could not have in his biography some victories. If any were, they should not have to write. The task was made easier by the fact that in the biography of Kulik’s success was a little.

on the other hand beetles in post-Stalin times was declared a military genius, and invincible military commander, and in his career held back any transactions that did not fit into this image. And silent had done. Such were the ideological characteristics of the era.

About his participation in the fighting in the Leningrad sector Zhukov to remember is not loved. Including about September 1941. From the summaries was the picture that if not for the bugs, the storming of Leningrad would not have been stopped. But the details are not described.

In the book by G. K. Zhukov, “Memoirs and reflections” about the actions of the 54th army under the command of Marshal Kulik said only in a negative way. They are shown as extremely indecisive, and it seems that while the bugs of the last forces holding back the German tanks on the outskirts of Leningrad, 54th army stood still. And if Kulik listen to Zhukov, he would have been made and broken the Blockade.

But this picture of the Soviet time. Modern historians, not held back by censorship, the situation is described more objectively. In particular did the St. Petersburg historian, Oleg Krasilnikov, in his work “the Unknown victory of Marshal Kulik”.

the Assault of Leningrad was not part of the plans of the Wehrmacht. Initially, the task was to surround the city, having approaches. Then the main udarns forces advancing on Leningrad groups — tanks and aircraft, were transferred to the Moscow direction. The fate of the city had to decide another group of German troops, whose task was to connect with the Finns to take Leningrad in the ring.

8 September, the 56th motorized corps Germans reached lake Ladoga near Shlisselburg. The Germans were preparing to cross the river, which was not the easiest task: the river flowing with a rapid current. They had to hurry, because all the 20-kilometer stretch, while the defense held one of the Soviet 115th rifle division. Previously, she fought with the Finns suffered heavy losses and got untried replacements.

the 54-th separate army was formed on 5 September to defend the southern Ladoga area. She commanded the Marshal Kulik. The army it could be called a stretch. A little stint was only 310-I, 286-285 and I-th infantry division. These divisions in wartime was formed in haste, armed with what was at hand, and staffed with untrained recruits. In the 310th division of the half were Kazakhs, in Russian, speaking with difficulty. Already the 9th of September the army received orders to attack and take Moscow state University. The preparation of the attack and the intelligence was not. In the first battle, the troops suffered huge losses in the 286th division was lost whole staff and all management.

Against the 54-th army of the German command threw all of the impact forces, designed to force the Neva river and subsequent attack on the Karelian isthmus: 12-Panzer, 20th motorized, and the 21st infantry division. However, Kulik, collecting the scattered Soviet units retreating in this direction, and received 122 Panzer brigade, continued to advance. The 12th of September there was tank battle at Handlowo where the 12th Panzer division the Germans lost two dozen tanks. About this fight was written by the newspaper “Pravda” published a photo of the burned German cars. The note was called “the Field of battle near Leningrad”, the famous photographer, AlexPDR Ustinov. It was one of the rare cases when the site of the battle was left for the red Army and could be counted and take a picture of the equipment lined.

As of the 13th of September in command of the Leningrad front, joined G. K. Zhukov. He demanded that Marshal Kulik immediately begin the offensive of the 54th army to break the Siege. This despite the fact that Kulik had orders to attack on the MSU and its army has suffered huge losses.

17 September 54th army launched an offensive. Its advanced parts have reached a working village No1. This is the place where two years later, in the course of the operation “Iskra” will meet the troops of the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts. But in September, the 41st meet of the 54th army, no one had come from Leningrad. The Leningrad front troops, on the 20th of September, crossed the river, seized a bridgehead, known as Nevsky pyatochok, but to develop the offensive failed. Bugs blamed Kulik, and achieved his removal.

the German command, realizing that the time for crossing the Neva missed, changed the task and the connection with the Finns launched an offensive on the town. Was not up to the Blockade.

All modern historians, and the already mentioned Oleg Krasilnikov, and V. Mosunov in his book “the Battle for Sinyavino heights. Mginskaya arc” equally agree that if the 54th army began its suicidal attack on MSU, the situation in the Leningrad area would be catastrophic.

German troops forced the crossing of the Neva, connected with the Finnish army on the Karelian isthmus, and took the city in a dense ring. No message via Ladoga was not. And North of the city was not already Finnish troops, who behaved passively, and the German, which could fire from that direction Leningrad and Kronstadt. In such a situation, the city would have just died.

it turns out that the actions of the 54th army, commanded by Marshal G. I. Kulik, saved Leningrad.

Cyril Shishkin

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