5 the darkest dates in Russian history Russia

History 29/12/19 5 the darkest dates in Russian history Russia

the Fate of Russia was full of dark periods and of the hardships endured by the people. However, some disastrous dates remembered more than others – either because of the scale of the events themselves, either because of their decisive influence on the course of history.

3 Jun 1571

.In 1571, Moscow was the capital of the powerful Russian state. Since standing on the Ugra river put an end to the Horde yoke, it took almost 100 years. However, in the early summer of the Crimean Khan Devlet Giray was forced Ivan the terrible to recall the horrors of the invasion of Batu. Turkish-Tatar army, whose numbers amounted, according to various estimates, from 40 to 120-200 thousand people, defeated the Russians on the outskirts of the capital. While Ivan stayed in the Kirillov monastery, Crimeans ravaged Moscow. They staged a massacre of the inhabitants and burned the city to the ground. Trying to escape from the Tatars through the North gate of Muscovites staged a terrible crush.

All during the invasion of Devlet Giray died from 10 to 80 thousand Russian to 150 thousand were stolen, captured and subsequently sold into slavery. As historians believe, the weakness of Russian to Tatar explains the oprichnina, as well as famine and plague of the previous 1570.

3 Sep 1812

Another terrible fire started in Moscow on 3 September 1812 – the day when Napoleon Bonaparte, under the sounds of the “Marseillaise” has occupied the Kremlin. Out on the observation deck of the Kremlin hill, the French Emperor saw the flames in China-town. That same night flared already the whole capital. Who set it on fire – French or Russian – are still uncertain.

it Seemed that the whole field of immense size usualas it is continuous volcanoes, spewing streams of flame and various flammable substances – passed subsequently, the eyewitness artist Alexey Egorov.

not all residents managed to leave Moscow during occupatAI. Human losses from fire are estimated at tens of thousands of people.

March 1, 1881

the Assassination of Emperor Alexander II by Narodnaya Volya Ignatius Grinevitsky. drew a line under the era of the Great reforms.

the Russian Tsar died in agony – the explosion had crushed his legs, and from the wound emerged a lot of blood, and that was the cause of death. But the Emperor as a result of two explosions killed three more people. One of them was a Cossack bodyguard Alexander Beleichev, others – 14-year-old employee of a butcher shop Nikolay Zaharov. The third victim was the bomber.

the Bloody incident not only horrified his contemporaries, but for many years undermined the idea of introducing in Russia a constitutional monarchy, why were ready, the King-Liberator. In turn, the political reaction of his successor, Alexander III determined the new an unprecedented wave of revolutionary terrorism in the early twentieth century.

on June 22, 1941

on the day when the Third Reich started the war with the Soviet Union, most Soviet citizens initially remained in the dark about what is happening. While the Western cities were bombed, and the soldiers of the red Army had made a desperate resistance to the advancing enemy, Moscow is only full of vague rumors. The hunger for information was satisfied in padding when Vyacheslav Molotov on the radio appealed to the public, announcing the beginning of the war. This news shocked Soviet citizens – in the surviving newsreels shows how concerned individuals were those who clung to the street loudspeakers. There is evidence that many were crying in the streets.

the City is gripped by panic. People rushed to the stores formed a queue, someone throws in short sentences, enough so much to carry, recalled a resident of Leningrad Elena Scriabin.

1 Sep 2004

on the Day of knowledge 2004 in North Ossetia and the whole of Russia was shocked by the news from the small town of Beslan. To the captured terrorists of the building of secondary school No1оказались hostage 1128 man. As a result of storm, taken two days later by security personnel, were killed 333 people, including 186 children. The events in Beslan by the number of victims of the worst terrorist attack in Russian history. Responsibility for it was taken by the leader of Chechen militants Shamil Basayev.

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