The recently acquired Lakers center exited Wednesday’s 112-97 reduction into the Milwaukee Bucks using a bruised right big toe in the next quarter and didn’t return.

Lakers coach Frank Vogel stated Drummond will be reevaluated Thursday along with his standing is daily.

“I arrived back in the next quarter and it was hurting a little bit longer. And after halftime, I eventually took off my sock to appear and my entire toenail has been gone. So, it was all bad out there. I could not run or walk. I simply told [Frank Vogel] to take out me ”

This was Drummond’s first game action since Feb. 12, and his former group, the Cleveland Cavaliers, pulled him by the spinning whilst looking for a commerce partner to accept the nine-year veteran’s $29.5 million wages. Drummond was waived last week if the Cavs could not locate a deal for their liking, and he signed up with the Lakers on Sunday.

Regardless of the lengthy layoff, Drummond said,”right now, I am probably in the best shape I could maintain” earlier this week when looking forward to suiting up to the Lakers for the first time.

Drummond began the match in some Air Jordan XI IE shoes and swapped them out for a set of LeBron 16 Lows. He received therapy at halftime, delaying his willingness for the next quarter, leaving Vogel no option but to begin Montrezl Harrell in centre for its next half.

Before going into the locker area, Drummond eliminated one of his shoes, showing a wrap round the toe and second toe on his right foot.

“What can you do to get a toe? “I am not quite certain what to do. I am going to speak to the training team and discover out what’s the best thing to do to return as fast as you can.”

Lakers ahead Markieff Morris stated he’s lost a toenail earlier and that it had been an ordeal to conquer.

“I mean that I played another match, but –, guy, that — was like a month and a half until it began feeling better,” Morris explained. “Since you do not realize to what extent your fur is rubbing against the surface of your sneakers, or you are using your toe to get electricity. … it is a terrible thing”

Said Drummond:”I have lost a toenail before. However, this one was quite debilitating ”

It wasn’t the introduction he along with the Lakers were hoping for; nonetheless, there was a flash of succeeding in his first shift as a Laker. L.A. outscored Milwaukee by seven points at the seven minutes Drummond played at the first quarter.

“In that quarter, a great deal of energy out of our men and myself,” he explained. “We’re having a good deal of fun on the market. Just unfortunate for this to take place in the very first match.”

While Gasol failed to talk to reporters then — the next time he’s diminished since L.A. obtained Drummond — many members of this group commended him for his or her professionalism.

“Obviously, it is not easy by any means. Give that guy his charge,” Lakers guard Wesley Matthews explained. “We love what we do and we all compete and we are ultra rivals, and that is never simple for anyone in this place.

“For him to step up like he did make the plays he made and also to be there and supportive people the entire time, I suggest, I got nothing but admiration for him.”