Another 29/01/20 “Lenin’s Body should be saved!”: why Stalin did not bury the “leader” of the revolution

We already can not imagine Red square without the mausoleum and buried there the leader of the world proletariat. Although initially nobody thought to liken Lenin’s body “Holy relics”, exposing it to the public.


At sunset of the USSR floated the theory that there is a written Testament of Lenin, in which he allegedly asked to be buried beside his mother at the Volkov cemetery in Petrograd. This was reported by the historian Akim Arutyunov, however, no documentary evidence of this version he did not. He cited only a fragment of a conversation between Krupskaya and Lenin, heard by a third person.
If you believe the memoirs of comrade Lenin Bonch-Bruevich, the leader of the Bolsheviks favored cremation. Apparently if there was Lenin’s will, this way would prefer to be buried Lenin. There is no doubt, as a staunch atheist Lenin would categorically objected to the embalming and exposing his body.
According to most historians, the preservation of Lenin’s body for posterity insisted Stalin. Trotsky, for example, strongly opposed the mummification of his colleague, noting that it is unbecoming to liken Lenin relics of the Holy elders. However, for Stalin it was a matter of principle. He more than anyone else realized the power of a religious cult.
However, Stalin only took up the idea, circulated in the air – the idea of juxtaposing two images: a mortal man and an immortal leader. Newspapers then wrote: “Lenin is dead. But Lenin is alive in millions of hearts… And even the physical death of his Lenin gives his last order: “Proletarians of all countries, unite!”. Lenin for millions of people in the country continued to be “very much alive”. The idea was to bring to life.
And here January 25 in the newspaper “working Moscow” was published three letters allegedly written by representatives of the people, under the General title: “Lenin’s Body should be saved!”. The party could not oppose the wishes of the workers and in the summer of 1924 it was announced that the body of Vladimir Ilyich decided not to betray the earth, and placed in a specially constructed mausoleum, so that it had access to everyone.

still tenacious theory that to preserve the body of Lenin wanted the representatives of the young Soviet science. They seem to sincerely believe that in the near future medicine will take a step forward and will be able to revive the greatest man on the planet. But maybe it’s just a legend.
Modern scientist, doctor of historical Sciences, member of RAS Vladimir Lavrov says it’s time to say goodbye to Lenin in the form in which it is now, since without this it is impossible genuine spiritual revival of Russia. Who knows if the authorities buried Vladimir Ulyanov, as did his family, perhaps there would have no “leaderism”, no cult of personality, nor the excesses in the ideological education of the masses, who planted the Communist party.

Opinion was divided

According to the survey, which was conducted by the party “United Russia”, only 43% of respondents want the reburial of Lenin, the majority wants everything to remain as before. However according to the public opinion Fund, 61% of respondents were in favour of Lenin reburied. In General, in Russian society there is parity of opinions about the fate of the body of Vladimir Lenin. This is what hinders the authorities take a decision on the reburial of the leader of the revolution.

According to representatives of the Communist party, this theme is an instrument for certain political forces to provoke the Communists. Gennady Zyuganov on this issue said: “the allegations of robbing from whoever came, we regard as absolutely provocative. Those who attempts to light the names of the founders of the state, encroach on stability in the country. It’s aboutvocacy against the Russian state.”
In response, the opponents of the Communists in jest notice that “from Lenin mausoleum will endure, and will have to bury the Communist party.” According to supporters of the reburial of Lenin, on the one hand this step will allow you to inflict a political blow to the Communist party, on the other – to end a century of strife, which causes the mummified body of the leader.
In society discuss not only about Lenin but also about destiny of burial places at the Kremlin wall, which would not exist without the mausoleum. Often heard the opinion that a cemetery in the center of the city is nonsense, the necropolis is to be transferred. If still positive will be resolved by the initiative for the burial of Lenin’s body, it is obvious that the next agenda will be the question of the elimination of this memorial cemetery. Some politicians are seriously worried, do not launch any all this process of de-communization, which covered the neighboring Ukraine?


Moscow mausoleum – a building for our time unique. Similar tombs are only in Beijing, Nanjing, Hanoi and Pyongyang. More importantly, Lenin’s mausoleum is under the protection of UNESCO: it can become a serious hindrance to its destruction. Means, if the body of Lenin from the mausoleum will endure, finding the red square of the building would lose its meaning.

In the 90-ies of the Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Rabin during his visit to Russia gave Boris Yeltsin a difficult question: “If Lenin make out of the Mausoleum, who is it put? After all, you’re not going to destroy the Mausoleum, a UNESCO”? The response of the Russian President are unknown to us.
Lenin’s Mausoleum is one of the main attractions of the capital. For many years the mausoleum was built this place, I had to completely cover the Red square. Only in 2007 this restriction has been lifted. In Soviet times the mausoleum is annually visited by around 2.5 million people. Today these figures are much more modest. According to the commandant of the Moscow Kremlin geneYeraly-Lieutenant Sergey Khlebnikov, the year the number of visitors to the mausoleum is about 450 thousand people.
the Mausoleum is one of the symbols not only of Moscow but of Russia, which attracts many foreigners. Don’t be of the mausoleum would not see our country millions of tourists. Some of them shared their impressions of visiting the “strange and terrible place.” “Looking at Lenin’s body less than a minute, but the Museum I recommend to visit,” said the Iranian name Bami. And a resident of Detroit admitted that “it was incredible to see a man who means so much not only for Russian but for world history.”
of Course, if Lenin were not mummified, and buried, it would hardly have somehow influenced the course of national history. It is obvious that our country would have lost one of the most colourful and controversial characters.

Taras Repin

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