For what words Stalin shot of General aviation Paul Rychagova

History 29/01/20 For what words Stalin shot of General aviation Paul Rychagova

Just 29 years old flying ACE and hero of the Soviet Union Pavel Rychagov was awarded the title of brigade commander and entered the military high command of the red Army, but in the autumn of 1941 the young commander was shot without a court order. The cause of death was the dispute with Stalin during a meeting of the Soviet Politburo.

Pavel Rychagov was born in Moscow and came from a peasant family. While in military service, he was in pilot school and as a cadet, showed excellent ability. In 1933 became commander aircraft, and in October 1936 he commanded the group of Soviet pilots who fought in the skies of Spain. By the end of December 1936 the squadron Rychagova shot down 40 enemy aircraft, 6 of which were on the personal account, Pavel.

Wards celebrated the bravery of the commander, his determination and ability to grasp, suitable for attack for a moment. While Leverage was impulsive and often did not think about the consequences of their actions. In one battle he single-handedly attacked 4 enemy aircraft, and in the other, already on the ground, with a revolver in hand, forced the retreating Spanish anarchists back in the trenches and continue to fight.

Under Rychagova served as the future major-General of aviation, Georgi Zakharov, who remembered Rychahiv: “…should more skillfully and tactfully to motivate their decisions, but Pavel never was known as a diplomat. He lived without looking back, and fought. As well, sometimes without looking, belonged to the people. We knew the character of our commander, therefore, did not take offense at his sometimes harsh words or reprimand.”

For his actions Levers got the rank of major and served in the far East, where he successfully acted against the Japanese troops, who fought with China. During the Finnish war, commanded the air force of the 9th army. In 1940, at the age of 29 years old took the pict chief of the red army air force, at the same time he became Deputy Commissar of defense for aviation. With the accession of Paul V. in the Communist party he personally recommended that Stalin and Voroshilov.

on April 9, 1941 was a meeting of the Politburo of the CPSU(b), which was attended by the senior members of the people’s Commissariat of defense, headed by Stalin. Discussed the increase of accidents in aircraft of red Army. Each day falling in the 2-3 plane, and the culprits of the party leadership believed the flying force command, encourage laxity pilots and hiding the facts of accidents. In his memoirs, Admiral Ivan Isakov, who also participated in the meeting wrote that when the word gave the young Rychagova it with red anger face, jumped up and in response to the accusations shouted: but.

Pavel believed that the cause of the disaster lies not in the mistakes and negligence of the crew, and poor quality aircraft. Isakov in conversation with Konstantin Simonov said that everyone in the office knew that this replica of the brigade commander offensive to Stalin, who a lot of time and effort devoted to the development of aviation and considered themselves in this subject specialist. Everyone was waiting for the reaction of the leader who after a short pause said 30-year-old Rychagova: “You shouldn’t have to say” and added: “the Meeting is adjourned”, and then the first left the office.

on April 12, 1941, the Politburo decision No. 26 Pavel Rychagov was removed from the post of Deputy people’s Commissar. According to the Protocol: “for the laxity and indiscipline in the force.” Soon after, the arrests of the high command of military aviation, which according to the investigators worked to combat degradation and increase the accident rate of the Soviet air forces.

on 24 June 1941 Paul Rychagova arrested as a spy for Western intelligence. Writer Vladimir Konev said that after the said phrase to Stalin, Beria gave the order to gather evidence against a young warlord who as it turned out, was friends with a shot earlier in the dof ELU Tukhachevsky army commander Yakir. In his book “Heroes without Gold Stars: Cursed and forgotten” Konev writes that the reason for the arrest Rychagova steel testimony of his boss, Lieutenant General Jacob Smushkevich. Under torture he admitted that they were dissatisfied with the current government and agreed to stop development of Soviet military aviation.

During interrogations and confrontations, according to the testimony of the investigator Vlodzimirsky, Rychagova and other prisoners were brutally beaten with rubber truncheons. On the third day, the brigade commander began to testify, but during questioning on 25 October 1941, refused his words. Three days later, Pavel and 20 members of the command of the Soviet air force shot. Together with Lever shot his wife, the pilot also Maria Nesterenko. In 1954, through the efforts of his brother, the captain and his wife were fully rehabilitated.

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