KV Oostende have All hands on deck at sea, with KV Oostende at the spring, and 2 million euros for the pick up. Even when Marc Coucke, against all odds, his green-and-red-and-yellow-heart talk, you still have UNTIL on the lookout for fresh money. “Event of bankruptcy and there is no evidence, however, there need to be solutions that come up.”

Almost one year after the chairperson, Frank Dierckens with a gap of 3 million euros, was believed to, have to, KV Oostende, again, on the search for a balance in that range. Even though the kustploeg after the cry of distress from the Belgian city hopes to get leniency by Marc Coucke, as comes in the variety of ways in order to have a worst case scenario, in the spring of 2020 are to be avoided. The month-long search for a new sponsor, it is still a bit inflated, as the kustploeg in the winter may need to be a sterkhouder to do so. “We are working hard to continue to find constructive solution”, they said yesterday in a statement.
to Capitalize on the emotion

UNTIL one realises that it is a limitation of Coucke – if they exist at all, is that not all problems will be removed. it Is reasonable to assume that the policy of the city to Bart Tommelein, who, in the past few days and publicly tracks the sentiment of Coucke, and his investment company, Alychlo been anything but well received it is. Especially as Alychlo is already on a regular basis, and samenzat with UNTIL about the terms of payment and other postponements thereof. Maybe next week for a new maintenance, though it remains to be seen whether that will result for the UNTIL. The city of Ostend is denying, meanwhile, that the take-over of the stadium in the current city council at that time.

The subject of a discussion between Coucke, and his former club is very much like the story of the chicken and the egg. On the one hand, it is the legacy left for Ostend and after Couckes the departure is large, on the other hand, knew the first of Us, in spite of a moderate, independent audit and review by the acquisition and in the last year, Dierckens, where they were few and far between. That is, KV Oostende, in the following, a club that, over time, into foreign hands? The kustploeg in any case, it is open to any possible permanent solution.