Europa League-AA Gent will be stronger, return in the Europa Leagueduel against Germany. After a bad start, it was 0-2, but Yaremchuk for peace and quiet and to be at the cutting slotminuten the bow of the backlog is in order. 2-2. The knokkende of Buffalo got what they deserved, and continue to bring-to-head in group I.

AA Gent will be received in Germany with a recordreeks 11 thuisoverwinningen in a row, but the co-leader of the Club that’s reputation is put to the test. “This is a big test,”, said coach Jess Thorup, and this finding proved true. After the 156-count, it was bingo games for Wolfsburg. Arnold was Tisserand, with a splitting pass, which is not self-centered it was, and Weghorst’s early goal, on a dish provided. The Dutch powerhouse has tested a moment later, the hands of Kaminski, but it is still for the half an hour it was double the lag is a fact of life. Joao Victor continued to Plastun fast in the trapping with a schaarbeweging, and he was afterwards, in addition to the Ghent, the final item on the inside. After the opportunity for the Victor, and Brekalo unfortunately, the Buffalo ” a ” is 0 to 3. It was just too soon. Then, isn’t it.