History 27/01/20 “Kursk Panfilov”: as 18 guards killed more than 100 Germans

After completion of 12 July 1943 the massive tank battles in history – the battle of Prokhorovka German units were forced to switch to active defense. Started Orel operation, and now the main task of the Germans was to give Soviet forces to exploit success. The Wehrmacht formed the iron fist offensive. At the center of it was unremarkable height in the area of the village Samodurovka.

the Pamir watch

a Native of Dnipropetrovsk region Alexander Romanovsky Demidovich was called up for military service in 1937. Romanowski sent to serve on the border, in some Bakhtin’s border detachment. The situation on the Eastern border in the late thirties was tense, and by the beginning of the war, when Romanov arrived in the Higher school of the NKVD, was really explosive, reports in his book “the red banner Eastern border district” historian Vladimir Tereshchenko. After the release of 28 February 1943 freshly baked Lieutenant Romanovsky had fully experience of dangerous service in the 30th border guard detachment, where he was promoted to commander of saber platoon. At the head of the mobile group with not once had to engage in battle with the Basmachi in the mountain passes of Pripamirye. But that all changed on November 16, when Romanowski, along with other guards was sent to the staffing of the 70-th Separate army NKVD troops.

the Heroic frontier

By April 1943, the incessant fighting has led to the formation of the so-called Northern fase Kursk bulge, where clashes continued until July, when the Germans in this area have launched a major offensive, trying to break through to Kursk from the North, says the historian Victor Davydov in his book “Analysis of the battle of Kursk: history documentary epic”. In this case, the joint actions of the 13th and 70 armies near the village of Samodurovka formed a very vulnerable area of defense. In this place the enemy had every opportunity for a decisive breakthrough, but to cover him was nothing – the 224th regiment of the Pamir left for redeployment in the village Warm. In Samodurovka was already garrisoned, and the troops of the reserve tank did not allow the Soviet command to cover this area with fresh forces.

Death in the rye

on the night of July 15, 1943 Lieutenant Alexander Romanovsky received orders to occupy and hold the high Samodurovka, waiting for the approach of reserve units of his regiment. A Lieutenant was only his 3rd platoon, consisting of the Kazakh border guards of the County, numbering a total of 18 people drawn from various regions of the Union.

Even at sunrise the guards Romanovsky took up a defensive position at Samodurovka, the unexpected blow knocking out the Germans. The appearance of a platoon Romanovsky was very timely. The soldiers of the Romanov barely had time to dig in when under the guise of a rye field to a busy altitude began to catch up the Germans. However, experienced guards quickly divined the maneuver of the enemy.

evaluation of the forces coming was terrifying: the Germans had to storm the heights of about 200 infantry, and then had to go the tanks and armored personnel carriers. Such a massive attack to reflect it was almost impossible, said major General Vladimir Sharapov, author of “Heroes of the 70th army.”

Bay till you yourself are not struck down

Realizing that ammunition to spare, and to retreat and expose the flank of the battalion can not, Romanovsky ordered to keep the enemy as close as possible. Waiting for when enemies get within a direct throw, the guards rushed towards the attacker and knocked over the Germans in the encounter battle. The squad suffered losses, Romanov himself was wounded, but the Germans were driven back. Instead of infantry, they are thrown into battle tanks and self-propelled guns.

As the historian and member search groups Rashid Ismailov, Romanovsky ordered to strengthen defense. The guards knocked out 3 tanks, firmly holding the top and not allowing the enemy to advance further. The main thing for the Lieutenant had to withstand the time to approach her. During the last wave of the assault, left almost without ammunition, the guards went into the Germans hand to hand.

Only a handful of men Pamir regiment was able to destroy nearly 100 people the enemy, a large number of equipment, but most importantly, they were able to hold the Germans at Samodurovka before the arrival of main forces. Regroup the 224th regiment of the March went on the attack and threw the enemy back another 2 kilometers deep position.

This success became possible only thanks to the heroism of the 3rd platoon Romanowski, but none of his soldiers survived the battle at Samodurovka. All of them, including the Lieutenant, were killed, and not departing a single step.

the hero’s Reward

As noted in his article, the journalist of “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” Oleg of olives, some time the feat Romanowski was not marked, and after 8 months after the death they were awarded orders of the Patriotic war, ignoring signed on 12 November the idea of the assignment of the entire platoon Romanovsky title of hero of the Soviet Union.


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