What land bought of the Soviet Union from Finland after the Second world

History 27/01/20 What lands the USSR bought in Finland after the Second world

the Soviet Union in the Paris peace Treaty with Finland, has acquired the 176-mile “wedge” Finnish territory.

What to

Most influential Finnish print edition of Helsingin Sanomat writes that as a result of the Treaty of Paris in the USSR in 1947 was transferred to the Nickel deposits in the Petsamo (the area of the Pechenga Murmansk region of the RSFSR). Writes Helsingin Sanomat, for this deal to Finns Soviet Union “has not paid a penny” – thought so that Finland fought against the Soviet Union, have left the country-to the winner even more.
Helsingin Sanomat (the newspaper was published in 1947) said that the then President of Finland Juho Paasikivi was very unhappy with this deal, calling it in his diaries “excessive”. But this is still a private opinion.

As it was officially

According to the agreement on the delimitation of territories concluded between the USSR and the Republic of Finland in early February of 1947, “in the area of hydroelectric power, Janiskoski and regulating dam Niskakoski” Finns really inferior to Soviet territory 176 km with all hydraulic structures located on it.
the Soviet Union has paid the Republic of Finland 700 thousand Finnish marks (evaluates how the Helsingin Sanomat, that, at today’s exchange rate, just over € 40 million).

As there is today.

the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat States that “annexed” the Soviet Union more than 70 years ago “their” territory as a whole remains as neglected as ever. The border post here. Finns buy half a percent of consumption of electricity in Russia – give it Kotikoski and janiskoski HPP, built on the Finnish lake Inari and lake Station.

They want to take it all back

the Russian foreign Ministry 13 years ago, I had to strongly protest about the requirements.iy on the transfer of ceded Treaty of Paris of the Finnish land “back”: the Finnish public organization Pro Karelia made a statement that the USSR “invaded” in 1947 officially transferred to the Soviet Union the territory of Suomi. In addition, the Pro Karelia insisted on the return of the money that the Republic of Finland paid to the Soviet Union as part of reparations (counted about 4 billion euros at current exchange rate).
Organization Pro Karelia claimed that in this case only valid Tartu Treaty ratified and approved by the Parliament of Finland in 1920, and the territorial division (between the legal successor of the USSR, the Russian Federation and Finland) should be carried out in the framework of this international legal act.
Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov has named these statements provocation. There are no legal implications relating to the revision of territorial claims in relations of the Russian Federation and Finland, they had not.

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