History 09/01/20 “Kurenivska disaster”: secret tragedy in Kiev in 1961

the Official announcement about this tragedy was made only three days later, during a few days in Kiev was completely disconnected long distance and international calls, and the planes a month later, we flew a different route so you don’t accidentally find yourself over the area of the tragedy. The court record was classified and later destroyed, the names of the main culprits have not been named, and the executioner was appointed ominous Babi Yar, which by that time had already been completely razed.

the Blind towards the cliff

March 28, 1952, the Executive Committee of the Kyiv city Council adopted resolution No. 582, relating to the organization of gidrootval spurs in the tract Babi Yar urban district Kurenivka. Nearby Petrovsky worked in a brick factory, which supplied not yet fully restored after the war, the city of bricks. The work was in three shifts and had to get rid of the pulp — clay waste.

according to the historian Tatiana Evstafieva, one of the authors of the book “Babi Yar: people, power, history”, this solution allows solving the problem of waste disposal and eliminate the natural crease of the terrain, laying the Foundation of a new street on the border of the district. And to increase the capacity of the Executive Committee in a separate order No. 2405 brought the level of the alluvium to the top edge of the ravine.

At the same time in haste and for reasons of economy, the walls of the store decided to build not of concrete, as prescribed by the project, and the usual soil for drain took too narrow pipes, which are not carried out the excess pulp, and the amounts and relief process has not been controlled. So Babi Yar has become a time bomb. But it was started long before the fateful decisions of the Executive Committee of Kiev.

the Echoes of the funeral prayer

after Capturing the city on September 19, 1941, the German occupation authorities have already 8 the morning of September 29, ordered the entire Jewish population under the threat of execution to appear on the Melnikova street near Babi Yar for sanitation before sending in a “safe place”. A gathering of children, women and the elderly (the men were at the front) ran to a fenced area for 30-40 people, so that from the street you can’t see what’s going on inside. There are people in for 1 minute, stripped naked, took all my things and drove to the edge of the ravine, where their victims were waiting for a machine gunner. As noted in the book by researcher Mikhail Kovalev “the Tragedy of Babi Yar: history and modernity”, in just two years, until September 1943 at the Babi Yar was buried according to various estimates up to 200 thousand of Jews, Gypsies, red army soldiers and other enemies of the Nazi regime, whose bodies were laid in piles in a ravine and was transferred to the ground. In 1952, after only ten years after this tragedy, have not silenced in those places the echo of the dying screams of murdered men drowned out the roar of construction machinery, to build the sump for slurry.

pre trouble

In 1961 in Kiev was preparing for a big date — the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the defense of the city. In commemoration of the anniversary of the government of Ukraine to give Kiev the title of “hero city” and its head Alexey Davydov I. — handing the order of Lenin.

In anticipation of the festive events of the inhabitants of Raw and Kurenevka, nadoedala authorities with complaints that after the snow melt leaking from the side of the ravine turned their streets into an impassable quagmire, just plugged: severe Davydov did not tolerate when he prevented nothing. And he was right — compared to what happened next, it really was utter nonsense.

the Last days of Pompeii

on the night of March 13, 1961 the protective membrane of the septum was broken. At four in the morning a small leak from the Yara turned in a solid stream, then merged into one turbulent river. At 8:30 a.m., the dam collapsed completely, and after the water in the city moved to gray-maroon.Neva mudflow avalanche of clay, sand, pellets and other dirt with a height of 14 m and a width of 20 m. It is wall swooped on the area at a speed of 5 m/s and as a tongue licked a few outlying buildings. A terrible fate befell the inhabitants of the city arrived at this early hour to work by public transport. Ten trams pulp is simply washed away from the rails, buses first, hopelessly stuck in the mixture of clay and water, and then them clutched a thick stream, along with doomed passengers. Wall mud flow height of a three story house flooded Spartak stadium and a tram depot. Krasina, whose officers, according to Kyiv historian Kazimir Bronski in his book “Kurenevska tragedy”, risking their lives, managed to turn off the power plant and thus saved the city from further trouble. The final chord of devil’s Requiem was the complete destruction of the remnants of Cyril’s cemetery, located near the eponymous Church of the XII century, and the emergence on the earth’s surface in streams of the pulp of the remains of the victims of 1941, which everyone tried so hard to forget. Babi Yar gave dead people.

Bitter fruit

According to Kyiv historian Alexander Anisimov, stated in his article “the Mystery of the Kiev flood,” for a half hour revelry of 30 hectares of once vibrant area was buried under 700 thousand cubic meters of pulp, which for the next two hours turned into stone. In Kurenevka, which became one huge cemetery, is mixed up with the remains of people who died at the hands of Nazi executioners and the victims of the catastrophic mistakes of the municipal authorities under the leadership of Davydov. The city-hero of Kiev this year, deservedly became, and here the order of Lenin Davydov did not wait. Feeling natural opals broke this experienced party member, October 20, 1963, he died of a heart attack, though, as they say, the real cause of death of the owner of Kiev became a premium pistol.

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