Ivan Beliaev: why Indians of the Mac considered a Russian General messenger of God

Biography 09/01/20 Ivan Belyaev: why Indians of the Mac considered a Russian General messenger of God

In 1957 the elders of the tribes of Paraguay were buried honorary administrator of the Indian colonies Ivan Belyaev. What was the path of one of the most unusual Russian white generals and why he ended his life among the natives of South America?

In Russia,

Ivan Belyaev was born in a family of hereditary officers of the tsarist army. He entered military service at 17 years of age. The son of the commander of the artillery brigade followed in the footsteps of his father and the beginning of the First world war as a Colonel, he commanded a battery in the 1 Caucasus artillery division. Participated in many battles, and in the Brusilov breakthrough. Major-General began in the autumn of 1917.

Bolshevism Belyaev treated as a “disease”. In the spring of 1918, a staunch monarchist, he commanded a battery in the white Volunteer army, he was responsible for the household artillery of the army. In 1920 together with the remnants of the white parts Belyaev sea were evacuated to the district of the Strait of the Dardanelles.

“the Paraguayan Sphinx”

Once in exile, Ivan Belyaev changed several countries, lived in Turkey, Bulgaria and Argentina, while in 1924, arrived in Paraguay, where almost no Russian immigrants. This country attracted him in his childhood when he was fond of Indians. In adolescence, Belyaev, according to his confession, dreamed about the revival of Paraguay — “heroic country, strangled by jealous people.” Here, the General met a Patriarchal society, which reminded him of Russia to 1900-th, and Asuncion he compared to Vladikavkaz. Ivan Belyaev taught in Paraguay military Affairs, and in October 1924, the government sent him on an expedition to the unexplored area of the Gran Chaco, the territory of which it was expected a military confrontation with Bolivia. In the Bolivian Newspapers over the head of the Russian pioneer even offered 500 thousand pesos. IPthe investigations of the location and population of the province and its languages Belyaev worked until 1932, when Chakka war actually began.

In the book of the historian of the conflict of Bruce Farcau says that Belyaev participated in the defense of the Paraguayan — based strengthening in the area of the strategically important freshwater lake Pitiantuta. As an Advisor to the President of Paraguay, General requested 4 artillery pieces and 500 shells — that, in his opinion, would be enough to break enemy fortifications. However, distinguished military met the refusal. However, on the fronts Sakskoy war, he distinguished himself other Russian officers-emigrants, who came to Paraguay after Belyaev.

“White father” of the Indians

After the war, Ivan Belyaev continued long to live among his beloved Indians. From ethnographic studies, he moved to defending the interests of the indigenous inhabitants of Paraguay. This General was doing, disappointed in the idea to organize in Paraguay, the new Holy Russia.

“Clearly anticipating the future, I did everything to open the way to salvation to all Russian that does not discriminate nor Semites, nor for the sons of ham. And if that saved thousands and tens of thousands, not millions, who has the right to accuse me of failure?!” exclaimed Belyaev in his memoirs “notes of a Russian exile”.

In the indigenous population of South America, the researcher has seen immigrants from Asia, the confirmation of this theory, he searched the folklore of the Indians. He believed that their languages are related to Indo-European and date back to Sanskrit. As a linguist Belyaev made up the dictionaries of several languages by translating them in Spanish. Also he was interested in the similarity of the myths of the Indians with stories of the old Testament.

Defending civil rights for Indians, Russian General wrote letters to the League of Nations. In 1943, Belyaev obtained permission to create an Indian colony, he also headed the national patronage of Indian Affairs.

Ivan Belyaev died on 19 Jan 1957. Honorary citizen of Paraguay read the burial service in an Orthodox Church in the capital, and then funeralonly people on earth poppy near Asuncion. On the day of his death, the Indians, by their own admission, felt “orphaned”, they treated him as a messenger of God. Belyaeva portraits still adorn the homes of the Indian poppy, and in one of the settlements is a monument to him.

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