The Japanese public Prosecutor’s office has filed two new charges against the former Nissan chief Carlos Ghosn. The car’s Manager will also have in the past three fiscal years, its income is too low given, informed the competent court in Tokyo. In addition, the penal throw tracker Ghosn serious breach of trust. This is according to his lawyer, to the temporary Transfer of losses from the personal assets to Nissan in the year 2008.

Ghosn was on 19. November in Tokyo have been arrested, because he should not have given his income in the five years to 2015. His detention is supposed to end on Friday, Ghosns lawyers but it is possible that the 64-Year-old for at least a further six months and could remain in custody until his trial begins. A date is not fixed yet. His lawyers said they want a bail request.

such A request had been rejected by the court after a hearing Ghosns on Tuesday. There is a risk of absconding and the risk that Ghosn evidence could destroy resources, there was the justification. Ghosn himself denies the allegations. “I was falsely accused and unfairly arrested, based on value-less and unfounded accusations,” he said at the hearing.

Since Ghosn has been arrested, the Auto Alliance of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi big problems. The Manager was the driving force behind the Alliance. While Ghosn was dismissed because of the financial scandal at Nissan, and Mitsubishi all of his Offices, he must leave his post of CEO at Renault, so far, only rest.