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The commercial dispute with the USA that makes the government in Beijing is nervous because for the first time in 40 years is waning growth and a gigantic internal debt threatens to break the dynamics of the Chinese economy. China’s President Xi Jinping is keen for the special duties to get rid of – because they are high: For a year in the United States impose special duties of up to 25 percent to almost half of all Chinese exports. The Goods are worth about 250 billion dollars.

China has then, although increases in Customs duties in the amount of 110 billion dollars on U.S. imports decided. But very much more is not as a counter-measure, because China imports much less from the United States, as it performs there. This trade deficit is one of the reasons why US President, Donald Trump the trade of conflict has begun. In the past few days, government delegations from the United States and China have negotiated in Beijing, how he can solve.

Up to 1. In March, the government in Beijing can make now suggestions on how you want to come, contrary to trump’s claims for other economic relations between the States. If there is no agreement, threatens to Trump, the special duties on all Goods from China.

world trade – Why trade conflicts? The trade dispute between the US and China, the world’s largest economies, has still not been resolved. The Video explains the shutter button and possible consequences. © Photo: Liza workers in China making first concessions

The question of the trade deficit is for the US President, is undoubtedly one of the most important. As long as it is not resolved, it will remain the whole of the customs dispute unresolved. Therefore, the negotiations under the trader according to the Wall Street Journal the past few days in Beijing, such as China, to open the agricultural market, or more energy could buy products.

A of Beijing is that for the first time since one and a half years, the Chinese government issued on Tuesday re-import approvals for genetically engineered plant varieties. The US is the largest exporter of genetically modified crops, and China is the largest importer of soybeans and rapeseed in this area.

is The deficit something to reduce China’s economic planner is probably doable, but the other demands of the United States have it: The Trump-government accuses of China’s authoritarian ruling Communist party (KP), that is pushing for the theft of intellectual property, technology transfers from foreign investors in China forces you to operates unfair state capitalism and subsidies to key industries, massive.