Jan Cherniak: the prototype shtirlitsa stole Hitler's plan

History 23/01/20 Yan Chernyak: as a prototype shtirlitsa stole Hitler’s plan “Barbarossa”

it is well Known that the Supreme leadership of the USSR due to foreign intelligence was aware of the plans of Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union. However, the role of our agents embedded in the higher echelons of power in Germany, is still heavily mythologized.

a Biography of one of the most prominent Soviet spies Yana Chernyak striking confirmation: and today at the mention of his attitude towards certain intelligence of the great Patriotic used such cautious language like “probably”, “likely”, “supposedly”.

a polyglot, in the service of the USSR

Publicist Maksim Zhmakin, in his book “SMERSH vs abver. The secret operation and legendary scouts” writes that Yan Chernyak, who comes from a family of Czech-Hungarian Jews, was recruited by Soviet intelligence at the age of 21. Before that he managed to get a decent technical education in Prague and Berlin and to join the Communist party in Germany. By the time of recruitment Chernyak owned seven foreign languages, which later added and Russian.

the Soviet Union Yan Chernyak began working in 1930. Information about who exactly he was recruited, still not published – some authors of publications on scout refer to a certain Matias, an employee of the Intelligence Directorate of the red army. The first important reports from Chernyak began arriving in the Soviet Union, when the agent served as staff clerk in the Romanian army. He gained access to military-technical according to the German troops and the allies of Germany.

By the middle of 1930-ies Jan Cherniak has already created an extensive network of agents. But in 1935 the scout was recalled to Moscow because he was under the threat of failure – one of the informants Chernyak was arrested. Soviet agent, trained in intelligence, he instructed the heads of military intelligence of the red army. After a year undercover in the status of iNOSforeign correspondent of TASS, the Yan Chernyak, who had the online alias Jen, went to Switzerland. Before the beginning of the great Patriotic war he lived in Paris and London. Resident-illegal alien repeatedly traveled to Germany, organized a wide network of informants of the Soviet intelligence in several foreign countries. A group of his agents “Crown” had access to important classified documents relating to the activities of the military high command of the Third Reich.

the Directive No. 21: no one was stealing?

credit Yana Chernyak his biographers, in particular, put the extraction of Directive No. 21, signed by Adolf Hitler on 18 December 1940. The document known as the plan “Barbarossa” – a guide to the German attack on the Soviet Union. Chernyak himself of the fact of transfer of a copy of the Directive never acknowledged it. Military commentator Viktor Litovkin TASS (Cherniak has worked at the Agency as a translator almost 19 years) has drawn attention to the fact that his colleague in his autobiography, reported on his activities during the war in very General terms: “worked extensively behind enemy lines, performing special tasks of the Soviet command.” No more details.

In recent years, not less popular version that Yan Chernyak, or rezidentura General plan “Barbarossa” in the Soviet Union did not commit. And none of the other illegals that too did not. Russian historian Vladimir Lota in his book, “Alta” against “Barbarossa” with reference to the stories of veterans of the Soviet intelligence and former intelligence officers, illegal immigrants, who worked with anti-fascist Ilse Stebe (alias Alta), says that she’s the first (7 days after signing) he gave details about the Directive 21 military attaché in Germany, major-General Vasily Tupikov. This writes in the book “History of catastrophic failures of military intelligence” and Western historian John Hughes-Wilson.

Russian writer, studying in particular the work of Russian security services Igor Pyhalov in the book “the Great war slandered” cites a number of quotes from official sources that talso indicate that neither Yan Chernyak, nor any other Soviet intelligence agents of the plan “Barbarossa” was not stolen. For example, General of the army Pyotr Ivashutin, almost a quarter of a century headed the GRU, in a 1990 article in “journal of Military history” emphasized that Soviet intelligence before the war was critical, but not a copy of the Directive about the planned Hitler attack the USSR. Pyhalov also quotes a fragment of the reports of the chief of the GRU, the red army Philip Golikov, which refers to the message Violas that Hitler gave the order to begin offensive operations.

Published by different authors information about the championship in the transfer to the Soviet leadership the plan “Barbarossa” is not only contradictory, but sometimes obviously false. For example, the article by new York journalist Vladimir Levin “Stirlitz’s name was Yankel” referenced by “Wikipedia”, the date of the message command of the Soviet Union on the Directive 21 called on 12 June 1941.

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